He had not asked to be made

as who he was, nor had he

volunteered to be the bearer

of such a tremendous duty.

Nearly every waking moment,

he spends escorting fallen souls

to their self-determined finality.

In addition, he’d had no say

in the choosing of his names,

of which he had many.

Death, if he wished, could easily

shrug the weight from his shoulders.

Yet, knowledge of the consequences

of such an action, held him back.

Once, he had set his duty aside.

What followed, could only be

classified as a calamity.

He realized, that without him,

Life could not carry out her duty.

For, in his ancient ceremony,

he’d always left behind the body,

and only taken the ephemeral.

It was Life’s, not his, responsibility

to reclaim and recycle the bodies.

Yet, this knowledge is not what

tortured his being most.

No, that rank belonged to the idea

that no one would come to claim him.  












Author's Notes/Comments: 

A personification of death.

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Island in the Sky


Wall of rock and earthen mound
Wearing oft a crown of white
Steadfastly reaching ever up, for the golden sun
Broad shoulders covered  ‘round in cloak of trees
Whose branches proudly thrust out green leaves


Wizened face of weathered stone
Whispers of cool streams aflow
Atop lies a balding peak, unperturbed by tumult below
A hidden island up on high
Above the shadow of a somber sky


Watching with unwavering zeal
Like a beacon in a sea of white
A solid anchor, with tether of sunlight
Revealing whereon warm ray is sought for most
When e’r a storm doth pour forth woes


- ¡¿†¥lΣ®?!

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A Violent Personification

Bang Bang!
Click, Click.
My targets fall
real quick,
bleeding (as if I care)
my shells float,
soaking up blood.
I shine like black silver
and roar ruthless thunder.
Silencing the argument,
your lives lie in my hand,
an indifferent one,
a violent one.

-Ryan K. Fuller

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thought I'd give one of these a try

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My Mind

My mind is lost, my mind is a curse,
It's dead, off to another universe, after it was carried off by the hearse.
It stands single file like it's been tame,
To enter the kingdom full of brain.
It's never been kept organized like how it is now,
My mind gets impatient, rebels out, and cuts down.
The line, it thought it was fine, it's childish but it's never been taught better,
Never set it's morals straight, always had Fun before Right, and Right before Wise, kept them in a tether.
Tangled up, Fun tries to get set free first,
Since being stuck is the opposite and boring, it has to leave to quench it's thirst.
Right and Wise are technical and skeptical to the tactics of Fun,
Fun tries to wildly untangle while Wise and Right do it one by one.
With all this going on in my mind it gets confused,
Often blacks out, tires out, cuz it's three faults abuse.
My mind finally decides it's faced enough and while waiting in line it inverts into itself,
It travels through the many spaces and memories to find it's inner beings who realized this and hide in stealth.
It's hard for Fun, Wise, and Right to do this in a bunch of three,
But they get away with it to some degree.
My minds searches for the group of immatures like a parental figure,
Looking for it's components to set straight and configure.
My mind eventually catches up with them, actually not that tough of a battle,
Cuz Fun runs around getting more tied up, Right bickers with Fun to stop, and Wise to keep them quiet attempts to silence the rattle.
So this is where my mind has to decide,
To punish them for their inconvenience or to just let it slide.
He can't take it no more, he sticks his chest up, flexes to get buff, puts on a persona to be tough, and lowers his voice to sound rough, and let's them have it.
He reeks havoc from all the built up anger developed in the cortex,
Unleashes wrath on the trio sucking them up into it's vortex.
Doesn't release until they complete a 180, from concave to convex,
Till their natural DNA is changed and convert their molecular complex.
Now, my mind thinks it's done the right thing,
But actually it's headed down the wrong wing.
Take into consideration it flipped around Right, so whatever was Right is now Wrong,
So what seems like the right decision has now been prolonged.
My mind thinks it has used Wise to the fullest,
To change itself to something different, but now he feels stupid and dullest.
It thought swirling the three around would get the thirsty Fun fed,
But now he's bored out of his mind, looking all brain dead.
Now this takes us back to the place where we started I guess,
But what my mind should have done was alter it's first step.
Instead of getting rowdy and impatient,
Instead of referring to Fun, it should have rolled with Chill and stayed stationed.
Then it wouldn't have gone through the trouble of following this cycle again,
It would have never been lost, always stayed in reality, without the need to the use my Ritalin.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a little something i wrote while i was bored.

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