Bang, bang...


Irksome calm

Uncomfortable silence

Tension before the violence

Unsettling mind

Uneasy heart 

 Oceans apart 

Denial of trust

Darkness and shadows 

Lies like truths

Piercing arrows 

Stabs of aching 

The sound of breaking 

If only you had said

What's in your head 

I wouldn't have filled in my own blanks 

With lead.



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A Violent Personification

Bang Bang!
Click, Click.
My targets fall
real quick,
bleeding (as if I care)
my shells float,
soaking up blood.
I shine like black silver
and roar ruthless thunder.
Silencing the argument,
your lives lie in my hand,
an indifferent one,
a violent one.

-Ryan K. Fuller

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thought I'd give one of these a try

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