Island in the Sky


Wall of rock and earthen mound
Wearing oft a crown of white
Steadfastly reaching ever up, for the golden sun
Broad shoulders covered  ‘round in cloak of trees
Whose branches proudly thrust out green leaves


Wizened face of weathered stone
Whispers of cool streams aflow
Atop lies a balding peak, unperturbed by tumult below
A hidden island up on high
Above the shadow of a somber sky


Watching with unwavering zeal
Like a beacon in a sea of white
A solid anchor, with tether of sunlight
Revealing whereon warm ray is sought for most
When e’r a storm doth pour forth woes


- ¡¿†¥lΣ®?!

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a.griffiths57's picture

    A very descriptive write



A very descriptive write and what a picture you painted with your words, lovely work here,

boardergirl's picture

Very nice....

I love this poem, it makes the world more beautiful and it's easy to understand... :)





TheCure242's picture

Glad you like! Thanks

Glad you like! Thanks for the nice comment.

I often wonder whether what I try to say makes any sense to anyone but myself. So it's good to hear you say so. :p


allets's picture

...whispers of cool

...whispers of cool streams... isonefineline - Muah! ~allets~