My fairy child,

Strawberry blonde

Burnt orange by a summer sun

Twinkled eyed and

Freckled chin

Elongated smile,

The door to your laughter,

I read you tales and you’d tell me yours

Oh Apple…

Where are you now?

Oh Apple, you are a never-ending story,

A green eyed angel with invisible wings,

And a mother’s dream

You paint your world,

Onto my skin,

“Mommy look what I did!”

What a graceful wild,

Starstruck wonder you are!

Don’t ever,

Ever stop amazing me…

Oh Apple, oh child,

Oh look what you did!

You’re a Picasso, a Dali, a regular Van Gough!

Who’s covered in marker,and glitter, and mud

The upsy spins got you thinking again…

Oh Apple…

Where are you now?

Oh Apple, you are a never-ending story,

A green eyed angel with invisible wings,

And a mother’s dream

The backyard’s our jungle,

To a safari or a hiking in the woods,

Cowboys and Indians in the living room,

In the kitchen you’re the chef and I’m the helper,

The attic, our treasure chest

If you were a prince, I was a queen

If you were an artist, I was the canvas

If you were an inventor, I was the tester

Oh Apple, oh child,

Never stop believing,

Never stop thinking,

Never stop asking,

God’s got a special plan for you I know…

The day you said I was “pretty as a mermaid”,

We were cutting paper stars,

You strung’em and I hung’em,

On your ceiling,

And you couldn’t stop gazing…

That night,

Under the moonshine,

You were PeterPan,

Trying to fly away,

Off to Neverland,

And that starlit sky got you thinking again,

“Mommy, let’s live on the moon.”

Oh Apple…

Where are you now?

Oh Apple, you are a never-ending story,

A green eyed angel with invisible wings,

And a mother’s dream

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song of a single mother and her son, Apple.

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Effie and Jay, Momma needs you...


Holding the din of silence,

in hot little hands.

All red cheeks and sucked thumbs.

The smell of Johnson’s

Bourne from the battle.

The prison once called a relationship.

A dream, sprung from a whisper,

turned the very root of the tree of life.

A reason for existence.

Presented with this present

- of your presence.

"Bui Doi"

And all your ensuing paraphernalia,

Following exactly as “All the books say….”

A balm on an aching heart,

Papa Bear only too please to acquiesce

Read: Given little choice,

considering the need to atone for his absences

”If this is right, if I get this right then, maybe,

I am too”

But somewhere something had come from nothing.

Pie crust promises.

Easily made, easily broken.

And you can't mend what was never fixed

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To My Single Mother

I know it hasn't always been easy raising us kids on your own; struggling to make ends meet while trying to turn a house into a home.  I remember you working late nights and double shifts so we'd have clothes to wear and food to eat, and all the times you'd give up things you needed, so we'd have shoes for all our feet.  What I remember most of all is the love with us you shared, the way you kissed away our tears and showed that someone cared.  At night I thank the good Lord, mother, for sending you my way.  For you've instilled the loving traits that I carry every single day.  you showed me strength when you raised us, and courage by doing it alone; you showed you wisdom as you guided us along life's road, and faith in God, to protect us as we wandered far from home.  you showed me mother that love can conquer all, it lifts you up again after each and every fall.  So now i shout out loud, so the world may know; I love you ,mom, with all my heart and my immortal soul.

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Filipino poems


ang mga guhit

sa berdeng papel.

Sari-saring haba.

Iba't iba ang hinihingi.

Umiyak ang pluma

habang nilalahad

ang pangalan

ng lalawigan,

ng bayan,

ng ospital,

ng anak,

ng ina...

At sa sumunod na linya

naghingalo ang tinta.

Pilit isinulat:

Hindi kilala.

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Take my hand


Young Mam.  

Patience worn thin.


Lost in a moment in time.

A secondary lapse of concentration.

Now she's going out of her mind.

Desperately she's been searching,

for the only thing she can't seem to find.

The supermarket turns into a rugby pitch,

as she hustles and bustles her way through.

She can hear her heartbeat pounding loudly in her ears.  

The palpable fright.

The onset of tears.

She hears an outcry,

on her way through the din,

and she prays to the heavens.

Please, let that be....

Forward she rushes,

arms outstretched.

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Filipino poems

Pangamba’t takot ay nagsisiping

Sa dibdib ng inang naghihintay

Iyong mga sipa’y nanggigising

Ngunit sa panaho’y sumusuway

Tatlumpu’t walo, bilang ay husto

Oras na upang mundo’y batiin

Ngunit iho, ano’t tila lito?

Sa bawat araw ay nabibitin

Tumatakbo ang araw, kay bilis

Paroo’t parito na sa paglakad

Nagbabakasakaling mawangis

Ano mang oras ang iyong palad

Huwag matakot, halina’t sumilip

At sa mundo ay makiulayaw

Pasensya kung kami’y naiinip

Kami lamang sa tulad mo’y uhaw

Pangamba’t takot ay nagsisiping

Sa dibdib ng inang naghihintay

Sana ay dinggin ang aking hiling

Dito na sa labas magpasaway

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Mother's Lullaby

Close your eyes

And sleep my love

Tell me what

You're dreaming of

The sun goes down

And darkness falls

Moonlight flows in

Shines on the walls

Tomorrow we can

Play again

Just get your rest

And dream 'til then

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Daughter Nyla My Gift From God!

God so loved the world that HE gave his only begotten SON!

In HIS wisdom HE knew that I needed to have another daughter so HE gave me another one. You Ny-Ny! You came into my life and made sadness go bye-bye! When I first saw you I called you daughter because this was what I saw in you that day, you reminded me of me when I was your age in a lot of ways.

God knows that you brighten my world with your loving sweet kind ways. The Love that you give to me would brighten any mother’s days. You make me so proud to be your friend and mom too. I am so very blessed I don’t know what to do! I thank the Lord for you!

God has made you a beautiful woman inside and out. When I see that smile of yours I just want to shout, this is my daughter that God gave to me. I am so very pleased. She is thoughtful and you care for everyone. She is insightful, intelligent to boot that is for sure. How could any mother honestly ask for any more?

Only the Heavenly Father God knows the breath and width of the love that I have for you that is for sure, but I plan to let you know that I love you more and more each day! In each and every way!  I plan to show you just how this mother loves you, you are going to know without a doubt that it is so absolutely true, that your mom Pauletta absolutely adores you!

You are earth angel, and God's blessing to me, which is plain to see. You’re not the fruit of my womb, nevertheless, you’re my daughter now forever and always you have come into my heart where is lots of room for you to stay for forever and a day. I love you Ny-Ny!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you ever have a true friend in you life who is your spiritual child... Then you would know how much I love my daughter Nyla.

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Despite all

English poems

We fight

We argue

Our voices higher than our roof

We reason

We never meet

We always find a way to resist

We falter

We stumble

Yet despite all we’re still together

It’s a wonder

A miracle

How love still grows in us

We fight

We argue

But mom, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you

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