Hayden Nethaniel

Your face warms my heart

Your smile melts me

Your voice is like a song I love to hear

To hold you is a gift

To play with you is my enjoyment

I’m so in love with you

When you were born I was young

Your size intimidated me

But I grew and watched you grow

So smart and wise

I imagine all of the things you will be

Doctor, Astronaut, Architect, Lawyer, Philosopher, Teacher




And always, my son

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Babys no way

Somewhat poems

Stomache grows into mounds

Is there a breath waiting breathe

Will everything change

Will he be angered

Surly not

Comfort will not be plentiful

And I will be a wreck

Would a simple high make it disappear

I dare not tell the ones who made me

More love will be lost

Can death grasp me

Decapitate my head

And send it to my mom in a box?

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I am so sorry, angel.

I left you so far behind.

It was never my desire

To be so cruel to you.

I am so sorry, angel

I was never there with love,

To applaud and cherish you

Each time you danced for me.

I am so sorry, angel

That it makes no goddam sense

To believe in true sweet love

When it all comes tumbling down.

I am so sorry, angel

That I cannot grant comfort

To you when your dear heart breaks.

Please forgive me, my daughter.

I am so sorry, angel

That I am not there to give

More than just these humble words

I love you, child, forever.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is nothing harder for a child to endure than the pain & anguish of parents who are no longer together.

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Mommys little Angel

I think about you all the time

and even dream about you at night

I don't know exactly what you will look like

but I know you are going to be adorable

I get so excited when I feel you

kicking and rolling inside me

It's hell waiting months to hold you

it seems like no one even has a clue

As the days slowly pass by

all I do is sit and cry

Not because I don't want you

but because I really truly do

It all happened so fast

but my love for you will always last

Come baby so I can hold you in my arms

and keep you from all the worlds harms

I'm waiting for you tonight

I want to see your eyes so bright

So come to mommy little angel

I promise to keep you from all danger

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my little baby girl Kennedy Alexis Nicole in November 2003

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My Sunbeam and 3rd perfect moment

My Passions

Curious eyes, always searching

Open to new adventures

Loving completely and innocently

Touching the lives of all they meet

Enjoying the simple things

New pleasures, welcomed

Reaching for the stars, wanting to hold them all

Innocent questions, seeking knowledge

Ever pushing forward

Learning love, trust and fun

Each smile renews faith

Young, carefree, perfect

This is my baby and pride. He smiles always, and knows he is loved so much.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My newest pleasure and gift. Colten you complete my heart and remind me of all the things that make us a family. I love you, Mommy

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My Fighter and 2nd perfect moment

My Passions

Happiness follows his soul

Always learning and watching

Revealing innocence

Laughter resounds faithfully

Enjoying life fully

Youthful pleasures founded

Dawn of a new era

Always positive and joyous

New found salvation in perfection

Harley is my fighter and my 2nd perfect moment. With his smile my soul beams with pride.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Harley you make my soul swell with love, I love you honey, love Mommy

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My Curious Monkey and 1st perfect moment

My Passions

Moving the hearts of others

Always kind and loving

Taking in the hope of everything

Teaching humanity and strength

Healing with his innocent joys

Enjoying the world fully

Wanting to learn and teach

Giving a sense of peace and love

Revealing a strong solid spirit

Each day brighter

Yielding trust to others, hopefully

Sensing his way through good and bad

Open to loving and cherishing

Never turning away when he's needed

This is my son Matthew and he was the first perfect moment given to my heart and life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my son, with all my love, Mommy

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Father's Love

Oh little one

You could not know

The depth of love

Nor lack of spite

Loss to be endured

So much power

You can hold

And you do not know

You could not know

Sacrificial love

So great

So deep


Like an echo

With every little giggle

And every tiny step

As you run towards

The man who offers you

Great arms of love

And true protection

And heart of pure gold

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a dedication to a very dear friend of mine, who's children are his life.

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Daddy's Little Man

Family & Memories

He's Daddy’s Little Man,

his partner and his friend.

When they are together,

you see love that never ends.

They look so much alike,

this big and little pair.

From their eyes and personality,

right down to the color of their hair.

When they laugh and joke,

in their playful fun.

They make a funny duo,

this Father and his son.

At times they get so silly,

doing all the wrong they can.

They will always be good buddies,

cause he's Daddy's Little Man.

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