True Love

Just to lay next to you and feel your warmth

is a mircle each day.

Playing with your hair so soft...

knowing together we will grow old and gray...

Counting the freckles on your back,

or jumping on the bed...

I never get tired of you,

And look foward to the years ahead

I will never know How I got a husband like you,

I don't deserve a man so loving,

so caring and true.

You love me unconditionally,

And you treat me like a queen.

Nobody could love me as much as you...

No one will come between...

You put with my rants,

and listen to me rave...

To tolerate me the way you do

is nothing short of brave.

I envy your patience,

becauce i know my fuse is short...

but you are always there to lend a hand

and offer me your support.

I love you more than anything,

you're the sun in my sky...

I would never want anyone else...

You're my only guy...

Don't you ever think that I don't care

Because even if you left me

I'd always be here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oh so corny... I know right? but that's ok. And if you didn't get it, this is about my Husband Josh, who kicks ass at being who he is.

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