love secrets

Our little secret


Todays our ninth month together
Our days grow shorter, nights grow longer
My life with you has been rough and sweet
Our fights get weaker Our love grows stronger
Your love grows, My love is questioned
Your my heart my life my world
So for many more i want to be with you
Three more months we will be a year.
I dont ever want you to leave me ever
I need you in my life For all the time in the world
Life is lasting and so is love
I want you in my life forever
Be Mine Marry Me and never leave

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No im already engaged and hes amazing

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I told a dream to my friends,
But stupidly,
Also in front of you.

And of course you went ahead,
And email the guy I dreamed about,
Letting him know!

He hurried and responded to you,
A text that made my heart crack,
“that’s soooo creepy!”

You laugh,
And to seem like I wasn’t hurt,
I laughed also.

But inside,
I was dying,
I still liked that guy.

But now I know,
That he’s moved on.
It’s time I did too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I found out that this poem is also the same as one of my other poems, that I had forgotten that I had rewritten into my portfolio, from my computer, already. So if this poem seems familiar, that's because it's one of my other poems called "Move on"

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Butterflies In My Heart

I feel like im losing control
I just seem to have a feeling
Don't know how to explain it.

Don't know what it means
I just feel butterflies in my heart
As they Flutter, I tingle
The feeling is so devine.

I don't know what the feeling is
But sometimes you make me feel
like a butterfly in a maze
I cannot get out, Im lost in your love

I don't know what to say
or how I feel
All I can do is think of you
I tell you now I Love You.

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