Dota Love

~* Love Poems *~

life is like a game that most people play
in our time that’s what most teens do everyday
let me tell you how love and Dota can be related
read each line that this poem has stated

every time I hold your hand fills me with gladness
my heart beats so fast like the mask of madness
having you would mean winning the battle
I'll take you places with my boots of travel

I'll show you the best love coz that's your worth
I’ll hold you so tight like treant's overgrowth
I'm willing to wait and I ain't gonna rush ya
step by step we will be as one like sange and yasha

I promise not to give you pain and sorrow
if someone makes you cry I'll give'em an Elune's arrow
I'll never get tired even if I’ll walk a thousand mile
my energy will be tripled like the manta style

please don’t leave my side coz it going to give me heartache
i'll lose part of my life like huskar's life break
the first time I saw you it was my breath you took
you'll pulled me closer like pudge's meat hook

you're my strength coz you hold the broadsword
if we fight I'll keep silent coz you have the last word
lets not argue and waste time coz time is of the essence
please talk to me and don’t give me global silence

problems will come and we can never tell
if there are negative elements lets immediately repel
lets not be weak, you know we're not that type
lets increase our resistance with Khagdar's pipe

I hope someday I could call you mine
if that day comes, I’m like a hero with Divine
every single minute this feeling seems to be growing
coz like a winning team in dota... my love for you is Owning

Author's Notes/Comments: 

reader's may truly appreciate this poem if they play warcraft 3 Defense If The Ancients (DOTA) or atleast have an idea about the game.

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