an intimate distance

stripping myself naked
to feel the raw, frigid air,
and touch the bitter emptiness
that trolls your heart in the darkness of despair,
your lonesome woods,
the sound of silence vexed only by
the dried leaves that crush beneath
the small of my spine, and the howling wind,
though my eyes are closed,
as i feel the heat purged from my body
as it forms the warmth of my breath,

i can see it's vapor as it drifts
into the starlit skies and eases itself
into the night air,

it reassures and validates my cognizance

that it is indeed the only thing that is mine
in this treachery that consumes us both,

as my body lies in the darkness,
shivering from the frost,
i lie fearless among the cackling racket  
and ghoulish creatures of the forest,
and before long the snow begins to fall
upon me and the winds die down,
snowflakes melting on warm flesh
that blankets a smooth and shivering musculature
upon a statuesque frame,
creating a distinct and coherent harmonic logic

with each drop of water that forms,
resounding with the vibrations
of multiple interweaving melodic lines,
and its captivating enchantment awakens me
to the new day as i open my eyes to feel you,

next to me,
the sweetness of your breath upon my neck,
an intimate distance holds us together.



2:46 AM 5/3/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think I'm finally done editing

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the night


I'll take you to ecstasy,
I’ll take you to heaven
I'll open my heart if you do the same.
Let the stars shine bright,
let them guide us through the night
Where these walls will see it all,
where they will hear our moans.
Let me wear that dress and heels
Let me put my hair down,
Pin me to the wall,
pin me to the chair
Let me take you to ecstasy
Just open your heart to me,
Let this be the night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tomatoes to you, Ketchup to me. It is more than a sexual poem, it is about expressing your feelings, about allowing a person to tear you open mind, body, and soul. Again, you see Tomatoes, I see Ketchup.

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