All Inside Of You (inspired by squawk)

The thing
about reflection
is that it needs
a source
that feeds it
force to spur
it's might.

gathers light.

Let it be...
and it
will do
you right.

Let others be



4:43 PM 4/16/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reflection is what we make of it. It should really be called vibration...but because we have eyes...we 'see'...sometimes not too clearly.

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Conversations with the Asshole in the Mirror

Don't you look nice today?
A fetid blast of business casual
that suits you, but only some times.
Other days you're not unlike Hell
in body, face and carrying
of the shoulders and expression.

This is the occurrence of
mornings suffered through
just after a glorious evening
of constant garden greening.
And yet, even with this daily
reddening of your fine blue eyes,
you still cannot fall to sleep
without a bit of melatonin.
What plagues you? You are
and have always been
living a life that is pained only with
the common and monotonous.

So you're still sort of reeling
from the sudden bit of knowing
that confirmed to you, once
and for all, that you are not special.
For the life of me now, I can't
think of how, to react to it.
I can only say, that if I were you,
which I guess I sort of am,
I'd try just to not be so ...
Moping, about it.

Try to care a little bit more
about ... Something.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a strange poem.

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