I will miss those bright round golden eyes

And your loving heart bursting with eagerness

That soft gentle purr that deeply lulls me into peaceful dreams

And longing thoughts of home

I will miss you, silly little angel kitten, lighting up the room

Cluttering it with lots of string and bells for play

And long, languid scratches on the back porch rails

As if a fierce tiger dropped by to pay a visit

I will miss that warm gentle body protecting me from the winter frost

With a soft fur coat wrapped in a timy multi colored ball of fluff

And all the fun we had throughout the years

I will miss your sweet unselfish soul wanting only to be loved

Knowing no sense of time at all

Living each and every moment to the fullest

Until your time on earth is done

Your trusting face knowing now that it's time to cross

The Rainbow Bridge and that

No one will deny you the right to go

Sleep now, my darling, forever, in my arms

Find great oaks to climb and butterflies to tease

Dream of sunshine, grass and wondrous curiosities

Challenge high places and seek dark secret cozy corners

That no one else can ever find

Jump up high into the clouds

And strong into endless fields of sweet clover

Remember the warmth of my touch

As you silently breathe your last breath

Upon my far too frail human skin

That will miss your comfort when the night is cold

As you life ebbs from your tired old soul

And you mewl a deep quiet sigh one last time

I feel your worries and your pain melt quietly away

Relief surrounds you as your spirit finally rests

And effortlessly floats freely among the stars

Wait for me, dear one, please, on that Rainbow Bridge

With your tender kitten ways and your kitten love

Nuzzle me with your faithful trust

Keep me always safely in your heart

As I will keep you forever in mine

Goodbye Itty Bitty Kitty

Your courage is inspiration to us all

Someday we will meet again, little one,

This I promise you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

These are the thoughts & emotions I felt while holding Itty Bitty Kitty one last time as she quietly passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. She was 25. I will miss her

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Kristine Snow's picture

Tired old soul........yes. While it is so sad for them to go, we understand that it is their time, and they are ready. I will read these again when Dice passes, which I believe won't be too far off.

Thank you.