Honesty and increased self awareness

Pressure on the Wound

Put pressure on the wound,
Although it won’t stop bleeding,
Insecurity has a hold around my neck,
As reflexes punch and kick.
Trying to get to the surface of a crowded mind,
Paranoia whispers chaos formed when silent and alone.
Too scared to lose what was always wanted,
Grip so tight it breaks under the demand for an answer.

Submerged in the chemical breakdown,
Six feet underwater, lungs heavy and full,
Sinking below what you once knew was true,
Lost in the anxiety that comes with the withdrawal.

Love is a dangerous drug; intoxicating,
Always leaving you wanting more:
Too much will kill you,
Without it we’d never feel alone.

Walking into a reality that shatters all form of sanctuary,
The ugliness of a lover’s hold that once felt safe,
Leaves a bruise of an embrace turned restraint.
Fear is a cunning manipulator,
Planting seeds that grow the inevitable tumour:
Put pressure on the wound and hope it stops bleeding.


Falsehood reigns worldwide
However, the seeker of truth
Cannot be vanquished
By empty promises, broken vows.
Guile and temptation
Are good deceivers
Skin-deep beauty supports both
O smiling seduction
Just get lost!
O my reawakened soul!
Let me mingle no more
With the vain and the haughty
At any cost...
I cannot sacrifice everything
When all I am left with
Is my own deep self.
Tell night and day to merge
And tell time to go off tangent
Should I care!
Why and for what?
Perhaps a revelation
To the extra sensory perception
May make me die totally.
For now, I must not forget
That I am on my toughest quest.
(Written by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay. Posted on July 12, 2011).

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