Love unspoken

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Its that warm rain

That makes it worth being in

But its that cold wind that makes you shiver

That turns reality back on again

How can that freedom and warmth

Be turned in to sheer bitterness

To be on this great high

Almost as good as a drug

But suddenly burnt out

Too much good turns bad

Love unspoken

But still present

Saying it is not permitted

Soon too far

Every time we say hello

It’s a step closer to saying goodbye

Holding on to what we have

Is no way to keep our lives in tact

What brings this to pieces

Is if someone peeks threw

Then there wont be time to say goodbye

Tough skin

Layers you say

But I have peeled more away

Then u would like to think

I have seen some rare things

That I wouldn’t dare to tell you about

In a long while

You bring out that smile

I know u don’t want to say goodbye

Or break my heart

More then what I seem

Actually getting under your skin

I have seen some parts

love deep within

I wont hurt you

you wont hurt me

I ask why weren’t we meant to be

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