Fury Unleashed



Appearance seems to be a

Word in the world today.

You’ll hear kids get

Picked on and called

Names like goth teased

Tormented by other kids

So they’ll be known as

The popular coward

And they’ll get invited

To parties and all the

Cool stuff! Are you’ll hear

Kids I need surgery to

Have bigger boobs so

I can look more sexy

And do all things I never

Have before but way

I see it god made us like we

Are for certain reasons

We don’t yet know. But

I know think everybody

‘ought to use what god

gives you! God couldn’t given

us less than we have!

Aug 25th 2005,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is a poem about half the world is stuck on their appearances

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Tired of you always shutting me out

Fuck what I say, all you do is shout

I never would do this to you if I had it my way

SO SHUT up! you are going to listen to what I have to say

WHy don't you listen to me

Do you even care?

Quit giving me that blank, I Don't give a shit stare

I am sick of you saying you know what I feel

You don't give a shit, that is the big deal

I am sick of you always pushing me around

Kicking me over and over when I was down

Why don't you just go away

Or maybe I should just go today

Would you even noticed my disapearance?

It seems like I have no existence

So what shall I do

I just fuckin HAte you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I WAS mad at the WORLD, but mainly my mother

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Dark Clouds

The light is disappearing slowly.

No sign of a bit of comedy.

Faceless people lying in the ground.

Dark clouds covering the town.

They took everything away.

So their worlds turn to grey.

Their smiles turn to frown.

As he slowly take them down.

The noise, very loud, broke.

Everything was filled with smoke.

Like lightning, he attack.

Bleeding, knowing he can't take anything back.

Finally, he saw what he came for.

Taking his shot, hitting the core.

Remembering everything was a bad dream.

Then all he saw turn to dim.

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(T. Beechey)

Standing alone where others have fallen

Where time is precious and moods are sullen

Separated from futures and pasts

Somewhere between the mists and the masts

As the hands of time continue undaunted

Reaching a point where fates are flaunted

Rarely a smile is ever achieved

From both the forlorn and the bereaved

Without provocation,the curtain descends

Too soon for judgments,too late for amends

Yet,through His grace,the will to survive

Will forever endeavor the courage to strive

Footsteps are shuffled,words become muffled

But not even a wisp of a feather is ruffled

Lost in the sights of moonlit nights

The warriors' winged souls take flights

From amidst the ruins and amongst the rubble

Restoration's dreams begin to bubble

In adversity's face,one must arise

Even as stormclouds envelop the skies

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Office Cramp


Sometimes I wish these walls would close in on me.

Would that constitute some worker’s comp?

Your face reminds me of a beaten typewriter,

Unsmooth and ancient, not to much use to me,

Except to pound more ink-stained assignments

On my head,

No eraser either.

The black letters cluster together,

Until they are unreadable.

Three hours, split like splinters in my fingers,

I wish there were five more, maybe six,

To account for all the duties that drop on me like pendulums.

I’m that unacknowledged slave in shackles,

Turned to shambles under my clothes.

My eyes feel different,

Hot but not warm,

Liquid anger wishes to overflow into my life,

But I throw it all away into my filing cabinet at 6 o’clock.

And it’s 4:30 now, and the bitch has left the building.

Phew, that was a close one,

I hear screaming in my head,

At least hopefully that’s where it stays.

I pursue that flowy poetry,

But all I can think about it

Is jagged words of hate and frustration.

I can’t even articulate the brick wall I’ve just hit

In this office.

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Sucker - Punched

Go ahead, spit in my face,

Batter me so in the crowd you have a place.

Rain upon me your fists of gossip,

Bloody my nose and lips.

Bruise the knees I fall on,

And my confidence until it's gone.

Yes, I may be stunned for a moment,

But your attack is petty to what I've underwent.

So when I stand up and pull through,

Realize I'm really saying, "Fuck You"!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

have a "bully" use this if you think it'll be the slap in the face you want, but please remember this piece is copyrighted. use the signature M.R. if you intend to use. thanks!

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dragon slayer


He creeps up silently his results cause so much grief no one can undo.His breath chilling and his prey children, unknowing parents cry at night  and ask for help and have unanswered prayers.only to find there are thousands of dragons.He selectively chooses his prey hardly anyone notices as he gets closer to his prey when he leasts expects it he's played into my traps when he reaches for his prey i'll attack and leave him in shock a sword to the heart.

Just like a spider i set a web for him to entrap himself in my web of justice and punishment the trail of broken memories the pain of broken hearts.In memory of the dragon slayer in darkness i wait seeking another dragon to stab in heart justice done by a dragonslayer.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i was 18 when i decided to do my dragon poems

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Goodbye brother!

poetry of 2005

Goodbye brother!

Forget you

You’re suppose to be

To my brother

You’re suppose

Love me,

Respect me,

But instead you critique

And rip my heart with the harsh

Tone of voice you talk to me in.

Like I’m not human or not allowed

To make a few mistakes every now and than!

You have to talk over me and don’t let me

Explain. And you act like I’m stupid and I don’t

  Know anything!

The worse part of all this is I feel like

You hate me! When you look at me

With those eyes so cold they could pierce anybody’s

Soul! And a stare so cold you can kill anybody

If they look at you too close. You’ve hurt me

More then anybody I’ve never told anybody these words before that I’m about to say but I looked up to you!

I use to brag to everybody about

What a great brother I had!

I feel like that great guy I once called my brother no longer exist. With these words being said since you wanna treat me like I’m a nobody I think it’s best if we

Say goodbye but always remember I do love you and I’m your sister and I always will be!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this about my brother and the way he makes me feel at times when i try so hard all the time!

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you fucking cunt your words are poison

i hear you hate me good

you don't know what you've gotten yourself into

now little bitch you die

start off slow just hit you

yes let my fists fly

bang your head into a wall

watch blood leak from your eye

kick you while your on the floor

slam your arm between two doors

take your legs tie you up

take a blade watch me cut

puddles of red on the floor

slut now cry beg for no more

make sure i pull out all your teeth

now lets see you bitch at me

take a gun to your chest

dirty hoe you know the rest

soak you in cold gasoline

light a match watch it gleam

burn bitch hows it feel

scream in pain cuz the flames are real

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