Fury Unleashed


Almighty warrior,

Thou art the protector

of Thine own children;

against Thee, evil cannot win.

When widows and orphans

are in danger,

Thou comest to their defense.

Thy love is the Fence,

the Shield, the Barrier

that surrounds the innocent.

Against the wicked, You vent

Your wrath when Thy children

are the target of their rage.

Every evil deed has a wage:

That is the law of cause and effect.

The wicked provide the cause, You oh Lord,

provide the effect.  And the vicious insect

is always crushed beneath Thy foot.

For Thou art the Almighty warrior.

Thank You for protecting the ones

who love and trust in You.

Thou art the Almighty warrior.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dedicate this one first to my Grandma, and then to every battered woman and every abused child in the world.  May God always be your Almighty Warrior.

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Goodbye to the Good Years - Janaury 4, 2004

for many years i stood by your side,

watching you laugh,

watching you cry,

always there for you no matter what.

and then one day everything changed,

the laughter went away,

and i don't know what we did wrong.

another friendship bites the dust.

another thing i've done wrong.

you've thrown me away like yesterday's trash.

you're not willing to make things right.

and nothing will be okay without you.

here's my goodbye to the good years.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this after i lost one of my very best friends.

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Drama queens and I

All around me, drama queens,

Never spending any time with me,

All around me, they sit and sway,

With no idea that I’m feeling this way.

No way of even getting through,

You’ll never know I care about you,

And you’ll never ever really see,

The pain that surfaces every day inside me.

All around me is over-reaction,

Melodrama is the latest attraction.

They wonder around, cursing and yelling,

But I feel the same pain as they do,

I chose to not express it.

Sit in the corner, as the shoulder to lean on,

But they do not know

Will never know,

That I nearly died today,

Do they care?

I don’t think so.

Always presuming,

They’re the most fucked of them all,

Never presuming,

It happens to us all.

Crying on me until the next one comes along,

I try to be helpful, try to be strong,

But all they need is the one who replaces me,

I’ll never be the one they want to see.

I’ll never be the one with the shoulder to lean on,

For as long as they are feeling so low,

They’ll never realise,

I could die tomorrow.

And I too am selfish,

I know.

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Frustration Freestyle

Things are weird, well their about to get tenser

When you talk to me I shove your words in a blender

Hide behind your facade, your going blinder

Cut the petty talk, I don’t want your letter

Take advantage of me and you just broke my trust

Better show some respect to people who care or you’re fucked

Another easy lay and you sweep away the dust

You can have your way since it’s always a must

I’ll cut you off faster than you cut off the lights

When you try to get me out now like you’re full of fright

After you got your satisfaction and compassion that night

You played me better than a kid flies a kite

”I still love this guy I think I need more time”

You think I haven’t heard this infamous line

Stay in your past and see how much you find

When you get drunk + horny and you can’t be with this guy

Fuck around and you hurt him worse than me

I think your previous statement lost validity

While your monkey ass decides on him or me, I’ll be free

Believe me, ‘cause I don’t want your instability

Come again, and I’m not changing (for you)

Come again, cause I’m not waiting (for you)

Better than, the darkest clouds in my head

Better than, when my heart and eyes shed

I should have held back in my question

I contemplated it that night like every second

Because I thought I could help in your need for attention

You can’t even show you have a good intention

So don’t you even think about saying I’m to blame

Since you were drunk, you didn’t know what you were saying

Cause now you got me heated, you’re gonna see my flame

You’ll burn away in my silence, the way you did the same

The best of both our friends gave me a warning

I learned about your habits and future fore comings

Saw passed it all because your vibe was warming

Now I don’t know why I wasn’t listening

But fuck it now because I’m at the bottom of priority

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in attempt to make a rap style song while being able to just let go anger and venting basically. I realize the words are pretty harsh, but most of the diss parts aren't meant to hurt. Like I said I made this while angry and didn't know enough of the other side. These feelings are just part of living and learning i guess. I like the flow to it most of all.

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I’ve dispelled all your lies and promises for the future.

My life is fully on the mend and I have removed my heart's final suture.

Your voice makes me ill, and the thoughts it brings make me cringe.

Take the not-so-subtle hint that it’s over, though your pride may be singed.

Don’t call, don’t write, don’t whine or pout.

Don’t try to creep back in my life so that you can skulk about.

You’re not welcome here anymore; you’re completely uninvited.

That’s the unchangeable way it is now, so don’t even try to fight it.

Go grow up, be a man and do something worthwhile with your life.

And while you’re at it, quit blaming everyone else for self-inflicted wounds and strife.

I don’t regret the lessons learned, only the time I wasted.

And I accept my role in this mistake called us and can move on now that I’ve faced it.

As I say, I’m partly to blame; I should’ve booted you out at the first.

Instead I enabled your lunacy; let you believe your own ass to be the center of the universe.

But those days are long gone—and just to be clear—they’re never to return.

And when you ponder your own stupidity, can you feel the pain . . . does it make your insides knot and churn?

I don’t even miss you: there’s no hurt, no joy, no anger, no tears.

I’m empty of all emotion from it and what I’m purging now, I’ve wanted to do and say for years.

You’re not important to me and you don’t define my identity.

When it comes to my world these days and henceforth, you’re a complete and utter non-entity.

Your life is all on you now to make a decision: to sink or swim, fish or cut bait.

Because as for me, I’ve broken the surface and decided to drop the dead weight.

I’m neither safety net nor security blanket; I’m done with the whole charade.

I’m through with the entire thing:  this account is closed, all dues paid.

I’m much happier without than I ever was with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When you read it, the reason I wrote this poem will be all too clear.

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Proud Untouchables

Memorable People

Evil’s ceaseless attempt to create unrest

Threats, bloodshed, whipping up chaos.

Hitting hard at social crest

diabolical endeavour, demolish cosy nests.

Watch your footsteps, traitors and mercenaries

we are aware of your treacheries.

Your actions, aggression on our endurance

Impeding our customary existence

the one six zero million;

“Leave us alone” in unison we tone;

before you get wind blown.

Answer our question philanthropists

Where were you those two hundred years?

Slavery, subversion, torture, despises!

As human, now that in our free land

Carve a niche

Respect, we command

For the future with native prospects

Your repeated deceit, arrogant bombastic;

We clearly understand, can estimate.

Be careful, be warned;

we are -- The Very Untouchables

God’s own children;

Practise your tricks to prevail

Forgive you God, our prayers so that He will.

And as for us; never underestimate our skills!

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Hideous Humdrum


Denizen denigrate

Savant savoir-faire

saturnine sauté

Savage saltpetre

Misanthropes misalliance

Intransigence intricate.

Inure, intone cohort

Cognoscenti cosmetic.

Corrupt corroborate

Facetious facelift.

Radical, racketeer

Tarantula tantrum

Trailblazer transfix

Hideous humdrum.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Games We Play

Men women hurt teen

Use heads tender eighteen. Force

curious innocents to sing to their tune.

Broken home product

Crave attention, complete faith in

pseudo altruism.

Diabolical coo block, spoon fed words talk

Mistaken youngsters; Trust

unholy men, women who conspire. Huge cash siphon.

Clean road unclean plan. Trick

of sick unscrupulous woman; Lay hand on children

of harmless mom. Stab mother via pen

None to protest;

Not their problem

Moral obligation after all not own son.

Money games ugly innovation.

Vulnerable sons seek affection. Walk into, devil’s den.

Filthy sums at talk show earn, every penny vanish in harangue.

Permissive society privileges, legal clean.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Undercover Clean Crime In Permissive Society. Fearful Future .. Was it always like this or is it an urban disease? I feel disturbed at the teenies suffering in silence .. as an adult I'm helpless and must see the on goings in the surroundings ..

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He was short tempered!

Some of them spoke of him

But did they at all know?

Injustice robbed his grin.

Made him, in anger burst

Couldn’t the folks realise?

His irate reactions were

Of course not without a cause;

Mostly his admonitions came

long after a patient pause;

Usually on hearing critique

presented by twisted facts;

Forced upon innocent heads

tons of incorrigible lies --

Naturally for a good man

He had no option but react.

Suddenly his head would spin

in anger he would blow his top

expressed through his poignant writes.

Pen indeed a friend in need, he thought!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In anger Non violent the pen is a friend!

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