Fury Unleashed


Frustration, she’s gotten the best of me.

All I want is for you to make sense,

This life would be peace, for the least,

If that were so,

But no,

No means NO,

And I’m robbed of my kisses, my tears, my innocence.

This frustration consumes my every cell.

Loves played a trick on me,

But trick me not for you are friend,

Or I was, oh well

I thought I had been

But loves deserted me again.

It doesn’t matter,

Screw you with your plea,

Yah, I’m soft

But guess what,

I’m so damn fucking angry!

What a waste she tells me today.

“He’s unclear,

When you deserve a serenade,

He barley whispers in your ear.”

You Prick, Punk, Fucker, You Queer,

I said I love you and you just chuck down a beer.

OK, I know,

I’m out of line,

But please, for once show me a sign.

Your words are just words,

They don’t state a claim,

Don’t pretend for the moment,

I don’t like games.

Wear your heart on your sleeve,

Be selfish with needs,

I ask one last time,

"I love you"

Can you help me believe?

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A Waste of Time

I thought I was headed for something good

But it was a waste of time

I thought that I’d finally be happy

But it was just a fantasy of mine

I thought that you actually thought of me

But I was imagining things

I never should have began to like you

Because I knew the complications it would bring

I definitely should have stayed away from you

From the very start

Why didn’t I see all along

That you would break my heart

Who was I to imagine

That you actually cared for me

I should have expected that in your heart

I would never be

Now I give up

But I know that I’ll be fine

Because I finally realize

That you were a waste of time

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it speaks for itself

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01-06 Vicious


I am frustration incarnate,

hurling bricks into windows

newly replaced at autumn’s end,

seeking out matters of fortune

to enforce my brand of fate,

joy shudders and recoils.

The newlyweds’ happiness is in peril.

I will destroy their optimism

for daring to live fully.

I am the universal law

breaking shiny new toys

at the slip of a finger,

building a tower of folly

engineered from mistakes

which quickly compound.

My wrath is potable,

my reach unfettered,

my reason without rhyme.

I will not let go,

nor give you an option to escape.

You have agreed to my rules,

and so I have taken advantage.

You’ve been poisoned,

I will bleed you dry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was angry.

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A wonderfully kind

Sort of terror

Karma is

What you put in its open mouth

Will come out the other end eventually

What you sow, you will reap

You stood there shocked, burning in agony

You whispered over and over again

Karma where is my reward?

The words you spoke once to prosper

Now use you as the testimony to damn you

What you stole and claimed as your treasure

Will be collected from you with infinite interest

The people you used, hurt, and betrayed

Will be the servants you will serve

I can’t wait until the day

You get what you deserve

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loki "god of fire"


look at it dance

that's it!

i'm in a trance

i'm willing to do anything to have you

my only desire is to grab you

for centuries men have used you

you were the first light to men

you consume me

you complete me

you are the god of fire

the ruler of hell

i need you

burn me

you won't hurt me

forge me in your flames

make me stronger

make my temper hotter

ignite the fiery fury within me

temper me with fire

weld  me with fire

make me in the refiner's fire

reign forever more loki god of fire!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this when i was 15 leave your thoughts

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the return


Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Here we go

i been to town to town  

tore up and tore down

the night rider is back

so on with the show

i'm back to pick up the slack

that so many others lack

i'm born wild

chaos in my blood

open up the heavens  be prepared

for the flood

like heavy metal or heavy rock

if you don't  like me then you can suck my

"radio edit"

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I'd gotten over you.
I looked in your eyes and felt nothing.
I was so proud of myself,
but you stole my heart again last night and used it for a bit of fun.

You broke it all over again this morning.

I wish I could hear those three words from you and I wish I could still say them to you,
but right now the only three words I have for you are,

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What do you mean?


You really confuse me.
"You deserve someone who loves you"
Then you run out of the door.
What does that mean?

Does it mean we're over?
I don't want to loose you.
"We'll always be friends"
Thats what you told me.

You've totally ditched me.
Ran away without any explination.
Do you get satisfaction out of breaking my heart?
Over, and over, and over again!!!

I know you're perfectly aware of my feelings.
You know I love you but you try to ignore it.
You ignore it and carry on leading me on.
Why bother?

You know it,
You just don't want to hear it
Well it's tough,
Here it is.....
I Love You
I Love You

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The doorbell rang, we were expecting noone.

My wife went to answer it.

I could hear her clearly even at the back of the house.

“No thank you, we have no interest in that”

The salesmen, smelling a sale, is pushy.

Aggressively he continues his pitch.

“No, please just go away” says my wife.

I can hear the irritation in her voice.

I am not alone in this.

Under my desk a dog is growling.

Omega dog, waiting his chance, awaiting the signal

I become aware of a third voice, quieter, insistent.

“Can we come in to discuss it”

“See them off” I whisper.

The ancient instinct to protect the pack takes over.

The good natured, friendly, young setter,

Is horribly transformed.

Half a million years of cohabitation and selective breeding.

Fall away in an instant.

The beast that runs through the house.

Brushing my wife aside.

Is all wolf.

It is a short conflict, tires scream.

Peace returns to the house.

The wolf is gone, a contented young dog settles down to sleep.

I pick up the sales materials scattered in my garden.

By the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints.

If I had known that before,

I would have sent the rest of the pack!

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