Fury Unleashed

Mandy the friend who used me

poetry of 2005

Mandy the friend who used me.

Mandy the girl who

Used me she said

She would be my

Friend until the

End!  You didn’t care

That I was in

A wheelchair

And you didn’t

Care about

The comments

People made.

When we went to the

Movies and hung

Out and did things

That we was going to be

Friends either way

At the of the day!

You spent the night

With me A lot at first.

Then you met your

Boyfriend Adam and

You forgot about


And everything!

you lied to me

About sleeping

With him like I

Was baby.

When I told you their

Were roomers going around about you having sex with him So I did what any best friend would do I took up for you so nobody wouldn’t be pointing fingers and calling you names and I didn’t get a thank you or anything. So I decided it was time to walk away you had already hurt me in many ways there’s no reason you would change.

After I broke off our friendship it was hard for me to make new friendships with people because I was afraid they’d use me like you did it took me quiet awhile to realize some people actually do care about me and want to be friends with me as much as I do them!  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is about a girl who used me to admired by everybody because she was best friends with a disability then she was done with me.

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Black Dove

I hate you, I enjoy your pain

I rejoice when you sin, as if dancing in the rain

I hate when you are happy, I need you to stop

I need you to run, so I'll be on top

I hate you, I am you

Just the dark, the part that hides from view

I really hate because you love

I hate you...

As peaceful as a dove

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My Apocalypse

Laying on a bench of Death with my head on the pillow of the End/ I think back to what you've done to me/ No one deserves the mental rape you bestowed upon my head/ I'm drenched in your poisonous rain of words/ I never felt so helpless and used/ The beasts inside of me tear me down/ My rage is locked in a cell of your ignorance and greed/ You have ruined my heart and slaughtered my soul/ I may be a shell of my former self/ But you can never kill me/ I will fight until I am judged/ You are not my executioner but you are the torturer/ My hatred will never consume me/ My resentment is just a lingering foe inside/ You will know the true meaning of heartache/ Your time will come/ And I will pass my apocalypse unto you//

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Beauty stole you

Beauty stole you once from me

wrapped in promises of indignity

splayed responses from heavenly thighs

locked outside I surveyed the tides

of languishing multi-orchestral slums

submerged I'm dumb I eye your kind

the pretty ones the ever so Bambi-esque eyes

lateral ludo games you play, twisted twister I survey

Life etched it's beauty to my face

engraved the lines trace by trace

burnished fathoming

wantonly stewed, in innocence

and beauty's loot

I have my pride

my territorial sanction

to lock out the edge

of pathetic reasoning

I burn in envy

tempting fate

to ignite your flame

requite my name

I trust you not

but desperation pleads

forget the youth

find beauty in resounding blinding devotion

Beauty doesn't leave it pales

and adds on excess via scales

of human interest and intellect

we women of age

lest thee forget

have anchored humility to our trails

emblazoned humanity to ourselves

we breathe ev'ry beauty divine

a promise made seven thousand fold

we ignite

So promise us you'll never leave

ousted out by promises of a cellulite free knee

that promises sin

but neigh ignites the mental capacity we see insight

guys get a clue don't incapacitate your kind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

one for the over thirties! :-)

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#19- "Why Me!?"

Here I sit,

Alone again,

Wondering to myself why things happen to me.

Some are good,

Most seem bad,

And they always happen to me.

Why me!?

I've demons in my body,

And an angel in my soul,

Voices in my mind,

And emotions that won't annul.

I'm losing control of myself,

I'm losing who I am.

I snap at people dear to me,

And embrace those I hate.

I've been accused of many things,

A lunatic some call me,

Crazy, wild, and insane!

Others call me daft; demented and deranged.

Few have seen the good in me,

They say I'm blessed with the sense.

It's nothing but a curse to me, because of what it does.

I know others feelings

And hear others thoughts.

And I feel any number of things around me.

What am I to do?

Why me!?

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#10- "The Fuse"


The uncomfortable silence.


Stretching tensions.


Elevating as the moment nears.


A heated discussion is sparked.


The exchange of insults quickens.


Pulse quickens.


Rising in an unbearable crescendo.




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Now things start to come apart...

Your true colors you've shown

But don't you worry about my heart

Because I've  always been alone!

It won't be the first time

I will cry in my pillow at bedtime

But in the end I'll be laughing just as hard

Here I'm holding the last card!

See what you wicked deeds had done for me

No, I am not mad, bitter or even angry...

Lessons from you and this world had been  fully by me learnt,

That was before we met and you hurt me too...

I refuse to cry for something that never really was...

No more tears from my eyes will fall for any lies!!!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


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I Am Unfortunately Right

I may appear to be ignorant,

I may seem like a bitch,

You may think I don't know what I'm talking about,

But it all comes down to this,

I understand feelings,

I feel them everyday,

Most of them are negative,

But I get through it anyway,

I may not of known what love was,

But I could tell if I saw it,

I know if the person is confused by their emotions,

I've been there all the way,

And now I know what love is,

And I can proudly say I was right,

You may think it's not cool,

But to Hell with you,

I am unfortunately right,

And you are very wrong,

You knew the person longer,

But I've understood emotions for awhile,

Lies cannot escape my eyes,

Even when they're crying,

Just because I caught a lie,

That the person did not see,

Don't say I have no right,

To express my opinion,

Becuase I was telling the truth,

And you were caught in the lie,

I'm not a moron,

I have feelings too,

When you're stuck in my position,

You want to do what's best for you,

I'm sorry that I hurt him,

I feel terrible,

I'm not shoving it in his face,

But if he was truly in love with me,

Like he said he was,

He would of understood,

And not of been so hurt,

I'm sorry for having morals,

And following them as I go,

But don't shove your shit on me,

Because the sides are two,

So instead of looking at one side,

Put yourself in the two,

Maybe you would understand,

And you are ignorant too,

He seemed to try too hard,

With all the girls that he talked about,

He seemed to fall in love too easily,

So, sorry for analyzing the situation,

And thinking about my past,

Thinking about how I was used,

And my heart was severely hurt,

He seemed to move on pretty quickly,

So why am I so bad?

Things got better in the end,

Because of a thing called time,

Maybe if you waited a little,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

manny...dont ask...im ok...just a lil look in the past...thatz all.

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The Pool Man Cometh

My Archives

Hey, old friend!

Got some words for me?

Why don’t you call me

An S.O.B.?

Come on, I can take it,

You know I can.

Maybe it’ll make you feel

Like a man.

You have a temper?

Well, that’s nice to know.

Wanna go for a round?

Come on, baby, let’s go!

Hit me with your best shot.

Don’t hold back.

Tell me all about it.

Didn’t know I had a track.

Was that meant as sympathy

Or was it envy?

‘Cuz from where I’m standing,

I’d rather be me!

I never did like

All the push and pull,

But then maybe that’s ‘cuz

I’m not an “old bull”.

So what did I do?

Did I step on her toes?

Was I more YOUR friend

And cut off her nose?

Whatever creams your cookies!

Whatever helps you sleep!

Gotta tell ya,

This BS is getting deep!

Hasta la vista, baby!

Have a great life!

I wish I could say

“Have a great wife!”

It’s been fun!

C’est la vie!

Que sera sera!

Let it be!

I understand...

More than you know.

Friends today,

Tomorrow foes.

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