for peace

I Wait For Soldiers

I know your suffering is a gift,
And yet I don't want to see you suffer,
The deluge of sorrow, bitterness,
And my scourge restrained with hapless contempt,
For all the days you spent comfortless,
Abandoned through misunderstanding,
The tenderness of open arms you left for dreams non exist,
And I, not knowing the horror of your nights,
The agony of your torment, how deep the gash,
Or festering with stagnant nightmares,
Looming furtively in the silence of the night,
I weep to the heavens for just one meager moment of mercy,

That into the darkness of your shattered mind,

Unfettered alms might be fulfilled,
And hear our hearts, feel the warmth of compassion,
Taste the blood stained tears that fall wet upon our faces,
I hear the wailing shrieks of babies, mothers,
And you...from the depths of desolation,
Reaching for what once was,
As you left this land to become my hero,
The measure of true love is deepest felt in suffering,
And the battles of the ages cannot be won,
Until every being lays down their sword in the waters of tranquility,
To wipe the slate of our fathers, and their fathers past,
Carry a weapon of peace, for now is the war that matters most,
Bear your arms in love and kindness,
Now and the rest of our days we may have to share,
For life is short, and we are sorry with you,
You are not alone.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem about feeling sorry about war.

My ode to Peace Lovers

current affairs

My Ode To Peace Lovers

greetings peace lovers and how do you do?
Just had to write a poem to you
cos it seems the powers that be
all they want is world war three
and are trying to provoke it in
Iran, Korea, even Pakistan
in any way they possibly can

by torpedoing innocents boats
or computer viruses to sabotage
a perfectly innocent nuke program
when love is the answer to
all of the worlds sick problems
but it doesnt make any money for them
those with their finger on the button

cos the people in gaza just suffer
the state of Israel: 360 jet fighters
and 500 nuclear warheads
master jesus was from palestine
all Israel seem to do is war crimes
against Jc's own family
and claim him as their own sadly

lennon was right, all you need is love
and to imagine a beautiful world
cos love conquers all for sure
yet the powers that be
they are all distinctly nazi
running their great big ponzi
long ago, bought paul mcartney
live and let die made me cry

but all you need is love in your heart
and have a little faith that god
only has one move in
this insane chess game
and thats checkmate

so lift your head up to the sky
No love; the powers that be
just please take pity
that god wont be looking after those
who don't hold the truth close
and don't have the love vibration
those with no fear; nothing compares
just stand in the light at all times
and love thy neighbor

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By: Me
Written on May 27th, 2011

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Vieni, sedersi e rilassarsi

ragioniamo in sieme

per lapace a prevalera.

(c) copyrght heather burns

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Vieni, sedersi a rilassarsi

ragioniamo in siesne

per la pace a prevalere.


Come sit and relax

let us reason together

for peace to prevail.

(c) copyright heather burns

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Come, sit and relax

let us reason together

for peace to prevail.

(c) copyright heather burns

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