Flash Fiction



I woke up.

I can’t remember the last time I was this busy. So many projects, homework, and as usual, I leave everything until the last minute.

My procrastination had not really been a problem until now, I guess I have more responsibilities than when I was in the firsts semesters of my career. I had breakfast as usual, 8:30 in the morning, a sunny, normal, morning of July. I´m not a rich person and to study in one of the most prestigious universities in the USA I had to be a really good student and obviously, get a scholarship.

I went to my first class and while walking, I was thinking how the heck I was going to do all the stuff I had due to that day.

Nah, I just won´t do it, that would be just a 15-point loss off my final grade, I said. But then I remembered things are not that easy, at least for a not so rich person as me. I had a scholarship to keep, that meant getting over 95 as a final grade in every class so, that wasn´t really an option for me.

In the middle of my class while talking to my best friend he told me he had payed to get his final project done, so due to my urgency, I asked him for the phone contact, he gave it to me and that was a whole new experience for me because so far, I always did my projects by myself, but that time, the thing I had the less, was time. So, I sent him a message

-Hey, I heard you get payed to do the final project for quantum physics class.

-You heard well

-How much?

-that would be 90 dollars

-That’s a little expensive don’t you think?

-Do you want it or not?


-Let me have your Mail so I can send you the project done.

-Okay, 1263721@mail.com

-Sorry man, I will have to report you for trying to buy final projects. That’s against the rules, I already have your data and the screenshots to prove it.

-Wait, what? You can´t do that!

-Yes, I can, and I will, sorry, you shouldn’t do that.

-Please, man I have a scholarship to keep, I can’t afford to lose it, don’t be a douche.

With my legs shaking and trying not to cry, I left my phone beside me and started to regret the moment I though that was a good idea.

My friend, who was right next to me asked me:

-Why so scared, is it something wrong?

-I just lost my f*** scholarship man, everything´s wrong.

-What? Why?

-The phone you gave me, that douche told me he´s telling the college authorities that I was trying to buy our final project.

-is it though?

-Yes, you idiot!

-Jokes on you dumb head! That´s my cousins phone! That was all a joke!

-Are you serious?


The class was over, and I went home with my legs still shaking, I didn’t know if it was because that f*** bad joke or because I was so mad due to that stupid joke.


Its been 4 days since that happened and my friend, can’t find his dog. He would never guess Bilbo is having the time of his life here with me. Who’s laughing now you idiot?

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Fight. Fight. All I can hear and see is fight. People screaming and punching and pushing each other, rebellion is at its highest. This place has become madness. I try to get out of here but I stumble and I feel myself falling straight to a person, but one arm catches me. It's him. We stare at each other and he gives me a hug, I can't help it, I hug him too. I spent days and days at the edge of tears because I wanted a hug, I wanted him to hug me. I spent days and days trying to hate him, but now in his arms I know I can't. He rests his head on mine and whispers: "I'll drive you home" I'm not very comfortable with the idea, my friend is supposed to pick me up and, after all, he is my ex, but I really need to get out this horrible place and he is the only person who can destroy me and at the same time make me feel like I'm in the safest place of the world. I see the streets and places we leave behind, some of them are full of people fighting and causing the same trouble as the place I was in. We talk about our lives, this time we don't try to make it look like ours is better than the other one's, we say things the way they are, the way we used to do it a couple of months ago. Suddenly, he stops at a restaurant, our favourite restaurant. I try to complain but I can't, I enter the place with him. It is still the same as when we used to come, this placed doesn't seem to be touched by the trouble outside. We eat, barely saying a word and our favourite song comes on, he takes my hand and both stand up, nobody else is doing that, it's just us, it's our moment. He grabs my waist and a tear is about to come out of my eyes but I hold it. It's like we're slow dancing in a burning room. The song ends and its time to go home. Sitting at the table again I ask him: -What are you doing? -I know this moment is not going to be repeated-he answers and I want to tell him that we could repeat it, but I've done too much. -That's the thing, moments are never repeated, even if you do the same everyday- he just stares at me so I take the risk and keep on going- that's why some things, among them, relationships, fail. Because we take them for granted, we don't realize they never come back. He gives me a sad look, I know he loves me, I know he wants me back, I would definitely take him back. But we know that it's not going to happen. Our moment passed. He stays quite for a few seconds, then he just shrugs, opens his wallet and takes out the last dollars he has in there to pay, we stand up and leave, this moment is over and so are we.
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Daniel Bravo

Bernardo Herrera

You are walking through the hallway, but it seems to get bigger with every step you take.

You look down to the floor, thinking maybe that will make it easier. But it doesn’t. So you start walking faster. A weird feeling starts to invade your mind, and all of the sudden it starts to invade your body. First, your hands get sweaty, your heart starts racing and your legs get heavier.

You hear a girl asking if you are alright. You look up and realize she is as beautiful as her voice. You want to look casual, like those people on the movies. But you only end up emitting unrecognizable sounds that make you feel even worse. She leaves, and you keep thinking about how you always scare them away.

The thoughts start to flood your mind with such force you lose grip of reality. You can only think about the exams getting closer, everything you have to study and every homework you have to do. And now you are worried about scaring other girls away. Great. Because even when you are weird, you want to be loved. Then you tell yourself you are not weird, just a little broken.

You finally get to the classroom, everyone is already sitting and the class is about to start. You look at the clock and realize those five minutes felt like an hour.

You sit down, not at the front, but just close enough to the entrance to get out as quickly as possible. The teacher asks you something you barely hear. He repeats the question but your mind is elsewhere and math is the last thing you are thinking about. He tells you to go wash you face. You really wonder how washing your face will put out the raging inferno going on your mind. But you just get up and get to the restroom as instructed.

You wash your face because you don’t have anything to lose, you know it doesn’t work, but you do it anyway. Even when the water is cold, you feel like you are burning up. You realize the door is moving, some is about to come in, you think about the guys that flushed your face down the toilet the last time. They’re not, it’s just one guy, your typical average Joe, so calm and steady. He looks at you and reaches out to you just asking if you are OK. You storm out without a word, you would have loved his help, but you know he could do nothing, nobody knows what it’s like to be afraid of your own mind.


Now it’s 6 o’clock in the afternoon, almost everybody has left school, but you stay there, your back to the wall, eyes on the ground, because it doesn’t matter to you being here or being home or being anywhere, there’s no shelter, there’s no home, there’s nowhere to run if the problem is on your mind, you believe that since that day you heard it on TV.

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Captain Mexico

Captain Mexico




One cold Friday morning, at around 7:00 a.m. as I’m was leaving my house to go to school, I see the security guard from our neighborhood and his 7 year old son walking down the street. I realize that they’re going to take around 40 minutes just to get to the next bus station, so I decide to offer them a ride down. He immediately thanks me, and asks me why I arrived so late the night before. I tell him that my best friend had a party at his house, so we stayed up until 5 a.m. drinking and playing games with friends from our generation. He saw me get to my house at 5:30 a.m., and immediately asked me if I should me driving. Recklessly, I answer that I’ve never had a problem behind the wheel when drinking. He worries, and asks if he and his child can get off. I immediately feel offended, I hate it when people question my ability to do such simple tasks. So I floor it, not realizing that the road was extremely wet and slippery. As I try to hit the brakes, the car skids 10 meters off the road and we crash into a house. The guard and his kid are okay, but I’m stuck, and I will soon die if someone doesn’t help me lift the car so that I can get out. Both of the passengers stare in amusement, as I cry for help. As I scream and shout, the little kid uses his extremely powerful and unknown strength and lifts the car with his two bare hands. His father and I can’t believe it. We were currently living a unique moment in the history of mankind. I crawled out of the gap where I was stuck in, and the kid throws the car down. I can’t believe it, this kid has a sort of superpower that gives him extraordinary strength. Seconds later, the Avengers come flying in. Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain America all make an extremely abnormal and exciting entrance. They came because the kid, apparently named Captain Mexico, had called them, asking for their assistance. The kid is part of the Avengers! Captain Mexico was the child of an extremely humble and simple security guard in my neighborhood! And plus, he just saved my life! As I scream of excitement, Captain Mexico puts on his suit. There he was, the 7-year old 30-kilo kid, had more strength than the whole country together.




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What Love can do

Patricio Rodríguez


What Love can do

Tom Elliott was driving down Highway 35 in Galveston, Texas. He tried to listen to some Metal, in an attempt to stay awake, seeing that the lights in the street that supposedly keep you awake were not helping at all. He had already been honked twice for crowding lanes therefore stopped in the Stripes for a frapuccino. Despite his efforts to stay awake, sleep got the best out of Tom and he lost control of the 1969 Dodge Charger he was driving, crossing over to the contraflow lane barely avoiding a huge trailer, finally knocking over the street barricade landing directly in the ocean. Tom woke up after the tough impact, noticing that his car was sinking. He was a bit banged up due to the fact that he did not have his seatbelt on he was also somewhat confused, so he took a while to react and find a way to get out of danger; water had already filled the vast majority of the car. It finally got to him that it wasn’t a nightmare, and suddenly his long-distance relationship was no longer his only worry. He managed to escape his car; nonetheless, he believed that he had broken his left arm, so swimming was going to be hard, plus they were no witnesses close to the scene, except for the mad trailer driver, considering the time it was. Tom knew he was in deep trouble, he took off his shirt and made a sling out of it in order to keep his left arm motionless. He then luckily felt a floating orange buoy and used it to keep himself from drowning. He decided to hang on to the buoy until the sun came up and hopefully someone notice him.

Denisse Prescott was Tom’s high school sweetheart, he was in love with her since the moment he first saw her, however it was until his freshman year of high school when he had the guts to tell her how he felt about her, and eventually ended up being together. They were both from Austin, Texas and Tom was accepted to the prestigious college of UT Austin, whereas Denisse decided to apply to the Texas A&M Campus in Galveston, Texas. They were both so in love that they decided to maintain a long-distance relationship. Everything was going great, seeing that they were constantly talking and skyping with each other. However, they were both aware that it was just one out of the four years that were left. It was their second year in college, once they both got more adapted to their respective colleges, the messages were less frequent, skype’s were massively cut down, and their talks were no longer the same.

Two days past since they last talked to each other, when all of a sudden Tom’s phone rings in the middle of the night; it was Dennise.

“I cannot sleep” cried Dennise over the phone.

“Why can't you, is everything okay?” asked Tom.

“No, things are just not the the way they were before, and I think I did something horrible”

“What did you do?”

“Don’t you feel things have not been the same this year”

“Denisse, please don’t change topics, what did you do!”

“I don’t know if I can tell you this over the phone, why don’t you come here to Galveston so we can talk.”

“No Denisse, I am not going to drive up there at 2:30 in the morning, exams these past few days have kept me from getting enough sleep, and I will not wait until tomorrow to learn what you did”

“It’s the same if I tell you right now or another day, you would still not be able to sleep, I feel horrible.”

“You know what, I am on my way”


Tom, took advantage of the fact that his parents were not home and started his Dad’s 1969 Dodge Charger. (648)

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The Arrival

The arrival

I see him laying there, roaring sound coming out of him, black smoke covering all of him, just like it was predicted by the priests in our tribe. He is bigger than I ever imagined he would be. His wings reflected the sun and blinded us all. His figure reflects light and blinds us all. However, I’m wondering why he decided to come down. Has he been listening to our prayers? Has our time on this world reached an end? What do the tattoos that spell “American Airlines” on his sides mean? It’s all so confusing, but there is no doubt: a God has landed on our sacred grounds.

The day the tribe had been waiting for is finally here. I thought he was smaller, but now that I can see him next to me, our God is bigger than anyone or anything here at the village. He seemed hurt, his wings seemed like they’ve been cut in half. Maybe he needs us to help him, I believe that after all he has done for us, this is our chance to do something for him. As our tribe leader, Rajiv approaches him and looks inside through the holes on his side. He says he saw dead people laying on his stomach. Maybe they were from other tribes, but they seemed too different and strange from all of us.

Rajiv continued trying to make contact with the God, but as he shouted and tried to talk to him, he responded with more black smoke and roaring metallic sounds coming from his wings. We think we might have angered our god. We begin to pray, but our chants seem futile and He does not respond. Rajiv is desperate, he send all of us women to dance and try to peace his anger, but nightfall is coming and our God has yet to respond. We hear another screeching sound. Rajiv interprets this as hunger from our God.

We don’t know what God’s are supposed to eat up amongst the clouds, so we first bring forth our best crops. We offer life from the ground, fruits, medicinal herbs and all kinds of crops. He remains unimpressed. Maybe what he needs is meat to take his strength back. So we fetch our best meat, we bring chicken, boars and even a goat. We offer them in his honor and proceed to cook our more delicious dishes. A feast worthy of a God. Nonetheless, we seem to bore him, and the fire that had once lived inside of our God is slowly dying. Finally, we realize it’s time for the ultimate gift.

Rajiv brings forth our strongest warrior. He, who volunteered himself in order to become a sacrifice for our divine being. The highest honor and biggest display of faith that a mortal can gain can only be received through voluntary sacrifice. We begin to paint all over his body, writing ancient passages and trying to copy the “American Airlines” tattoo from our god. At the same time, men prepare a wood statue to tie up the sacrifice. The time comes and Rajiv ties up the warrior. He chants a few passages, and finally set it all on fire. His death is slow and painful to watch, it takes until dawn for the fire to die.


In spite of our efforts the mighty God refused to respond. Some of his body was slowly being washed into the sea, back to a place we will never know. What else could we have done to please our God? Or maybe this was all just a test. We’ll keep trying to please him, but as humans nothing we can do that can compare to his grace. But day after day, we will wait for him to come back and respond. We can always try tomorrow. What a torment it is to live a mortal life, full of the unknown and at the mercy of others.

Clowns and Snakes

It was late at night and four longtime friends were gathered around a fire on a night out camping in the woods. The four friends were really close and came out to the woods once about every two months as a sort of tradition. They used to tell each other scary stories, have a couple of beers, set up their tents, and spend a night before coming back to town. Mike and Diane had recently gotten into a relationship. Rob had moved out of town to finish his studies and Daniel hadn’t really seen any of them since the last time they met up for camping, so they decided it was about time to go out camping and catch up. It was late, Rob was slightly drunk and the conversation was flowing.

Due to the lack of terror on Diane’s face, as contrary to what expected by Mike after telling a scary story, Mike looked over to where Diane was sitting and asked:

“What are you afraid of?”

“Clowns are the scariest thing. Have you seen the videos lately?” said Diane.

“Yeah I saw them; still not scary. What about you Rob?” said Mike.

“I think snakes are the worse man, they’re sneaky” said Rob

“Snakes? I’m not scared of anything!” exclaimed Mike, trying to impress Diane.

“What about you Frank? What are you afraid of?” said Mike.

“Me? Um, I guess I’m scared of…” said Daniel slowly and stopped halfway through.

“What am I afraid of?” the words bounced though Daniel´s mind during the brief pause between his words. He had never taken the time to stop and think about his greatest fears. He couldn’t give a quick premeditated answer. But clowns and snakes? Nothing like that really scared him. He had to give an answer. He could maybe ignore the question or laugh it off, but he was completely mind-boggled by the question and had to respond.

“What am I afraid of?” the question repeated itself in his mind. His conscience was consumed by the question. He was about to panic when suddenly thoughts came rushing into his brain and these words, these voices kept reminding Daniel what his greatest fears are.

God, unfaithfulness, the darkness in someone’s eyes when they have given up, the crippling depression that accompanies a person through their everyday, the loneliness when you need someone, the existence of god or oblivion, the psychopathic thoughts that consume a sane person’s mind before committing a murder, the thoughts about death, the temptations towards death, the death of loved ones, the violence between loved ones, the look in his father’s eyes and the sound of his mother’s voice, forgetting and being forgotten…

Every second thousands of horrific fears being repeated by the dark voices in his brain, absorbing his mind in a loophole which left him completely paralyzed. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to cry and scream. He wanted to leave that place and never talk about that again. He wanted to run away and disappear. He hoped the universe would just swallow him and everything could end.

“So? Daniel? What are you afraid of?” asked Mike again.

 Daniel snapped back to reality and slowly turned towards him and said “…spiders”.

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Do you really want to be a Sniper?


“Do you really want to be a Sniper?“


Javier Straffon Rincón

Eugenio Saenz Ramos


His father was in the military, and served proudly. He was a strong man, big beard, the perfect “macho”, and his hero. His father had served in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Iraq, World War 2, you name it. He even had 47 confirmed kills. While that was something not to be proud of, his father said, he (his father) would always mention that fact casually at family barbeques. They would not see each other very much, since his father was always on duty, but when they did Jimmy could not resist imitating his father, and asking him to tell him his war stories. As he grew older, the appreciation and idolization of his father became an obsession. At the young age of 13, Jimmy thought he knew what he wanted in life: he wanted to serve his country like his father, and he wanted to be an even better marine than his father was. He wanted his son to look at him the same way he looked at his father. So Jimmy started working out, training hard, and reading military books. He was so obsessed with his goal, that he never even stopped to think if he really liked the military, or the military life. Time, with its steady and fast rhythm continued on, until Jimmy was now a high school student. He was the strongest at school, and he was secretly proud of that. He never studied and failed miserably at most of his classes because he always said to himself, “Why do I need books, if I’m going to become a marine” or “The knowledge I seek is not here.” He refused help from his teachers on picking a major, since his life goal was so “clear”. He really did enjoy cooking class, though. Finally, the day when Jimmy could finally enroll in the marines came, and not too much time after that, he was already on his first mission in Asia. His superiors noticed that he had a really sharp eye, so they encouraged him on becoming a sniper. The military life was tiring, dangerous, and sometimes boring. He was living his dream, and he really did not feel like it. He decided to ignore the thought. The only time he felt fulfilled and alive was when he was on cooking duty, because he had to cook for his squadmates. He certainly did love cooking, he thought, but he hid it from everyone since he thought it did not fit his “macho” image. Four years had gone by, and Jimmy was about to embark on what would probably be his most important mission yet: beating his father’s 47 confirmed kills mark. They were tied, and Jimmy’s sniping had gotten him a reputation. If he could kill his 48th “bad guy” that day, he would finally be able to be his father’s equal, or even better: his superior. However, the idea did not excite him as much anymore. He had seen lots of suffering during his marine duty, and he still felt unfulfilled. He wondered if it was worth it.  Jimmy was on his sniper’s nest, about to pull the trigger on his 48th kill (a terrorist, obviously), when he accidentally slipped and saw with his scope a restaurant, far away from the danger zone, in which some chef’s were going out with a smile. They had ended their shift, and seemed to be very happy. Suddenly, Jimmy could not pull the trigger anymore. He knew that he had been lying to himself all this time. He wanted to be a chef.



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The Dreamer


By: Mauricio Diaz




There was once a young man, Arthur, who lived in the Big Apple or New York City. He was in his mid 20s and was born into a wealthy family. So, Arthur took some time off his education to pursue something he had always wanted to do, which was travel the world. Throughout his lifetime, Arthur had always marveled at the way things were made and how it is they were built. There was one thing in particular that he was in love and in awe with. Bridges. Arthur described bridges as a work of art. When he traveled the world, he made sure he made pit stops at every important bridge in the world or at least at those he was truly mesmerized by. Arthur finally returned to New York after two years to further his education.

            Arthur went back to his old life. His days would consist of doing the same thing over and over and over again. He would wake up, have breakfast at Max Brenner’s and go to class at Parsons University. After classes he would meet up with his friends and they would all go to hipster rooftop bars. Arthur’s favorite part of the day was when he would sleep because he always dreamt the same dream. It became a regular thing for him, he would dream the same dream every night and he loved it.

The day finally came when he was wearing his cap and gown and was ready to walk on stage and receive his master’s degree in urban planning and civil engineering. Arthur was getting closer to making his dream a reality. Arthur’s dream consisted of building a bridge so eccentric it would go down in the books as one the modern wonders of the world. 

            He asked his parents for a small loan to start his very own engineering firm. He was given major projects, which he completed with excellency. Then, one day, Arthur was given the opportunity to build a bridge, but this bridge was not an ordinary bridge, it was a bridge that would connect San Diego to Coronado. "I’m finally going to live my dream," said Arthur. Arthur was so entranced because he knew that his dream was actually coming true. He knew an opportunity like this would not come again so easily, so he decided he would build the bridge underwater. His idea was to build a tube-like bridge with see through glass, so people could be able to see the ocean life. He knew if he made this spectacle he would become famous around the entire globe.

After six months, it was finally opening day. It was a six lane bridge, three going to and three going fro. The multitude of cars began to drive through the bridge and all the people were amazed by the sight of the ocean underwater. Suddenly, it began to rain inside the bridge. The people began to panic as they realized that the water was seeping through the glass and that the bridge was collapsing. The bridge collapsed and every single person died. 

Arthur somewhat accomplished his dream, but instead of becoming famous around the globe, he because infamous. This led Arthur to be engulfed by a great depression, which ended with him jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

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