Fight. Fight. All I can hear and see is fight. People screaming and punching and pushing each other, rebellion is at its highest. This place has become madness. I try to get out of here but I stumble and I feel myself falling straight to a person, but one arm catches me. It's him. We stare at each other and he gives me a hug, I can't help it, I hug him too. I spent days and days at the edge of tears because I wanted a hug, I wanted him to hug me. I spent days and days trying to hate him, but now in his arms I know I can't. He rests his head on mine and whispers: "I'll drive you home" I'm not very comfortable with the idea, my friend is supposed to pick me up and, after all, he is my ex, but I really need to get out this horrible place and he is the only person who can destroy me and at the same time make me feel like I'm in the safest place of the world. I see the streets and places we leave behind, some of them are full of people fighting and causing the same trouble as the place I was in. We talk about our lives, this time we don't try to make it look like ours is better than the other one's, we say things the way they are, the way we used to do it a couple of months ago. Suddenly, he stops at a restaurant, our favourite restaurant. I try to complain but I can't, I enter the place with him. It is still the same as when we used to come, this placed doesn't seem to be touched by the trouble outside. We eat, barely saying a word and our favourite song comes on, he takes my hand and both stand up, nobody else is doing that, it's just us, it's our moment. He grabs my waist and a tear is about to come out of my eyes but I hold it. It's like we're slow dancing in a burning room. The song ends and its time to go home. Sitting at the table again I ask him: -What are you doing? -I know this moment is not going to be repeated-he answers and I want to tell him that we could repeat it, but I've done too much. -That's the thing, moments are never repeated, even if you do the same everyday- he just stares at me so I take the risk and keep on going- that's why some things, among them, relationships, fail. Because we take them for granted, we don't realize they never come back. He gives me a sad look, I know he loves me, I know he wants me back, I would definitely take him back. But we know that it's not going to happen. Our moment passed. He stays quite for a few seconds, then he just shrugs, opens his wallet and takes out the last dollars he has in there to pay, we stand up and leave, this moment is over and so are we.
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