I woke up.

I can’t remember the last time I was this busy. So many projects, homework, and as usual, I leave everything until the last minute.

My procrastination had not really been a problem until now, I guess I have more responsibilities than when I was in the firsts semesters of my career. I had breakfast as usual, 8:30 in the morning, a sunny, normal, morning of July. I´m not a rich person and to study in one of the most prestigious universities in the USA I had to be a really good student and obviously, get a scholarship.

I went to my first class and while walking, I was thinking how the heck I was going to do all the stuff I had due to that day.

Nah, I just won´t do it, that would be just a 15-point loss off my final grade, I said. But then I remembered things are not that easy, at least for a not so rich person as me. I had a scholarship to keep, that meant getting over 95 as a final grade in every class so, that wasn´t really an option for me.

In the middle of my class while talking to my best friend he told me he had payed to get his final project done, so due to my urgency, I asked him for the phone contact, he gave it to me and that was a whole new experience for me because so far, I always did my projects by myself, but that time, the thing I had the less, was time. So, I sent him a message

-Hey, I heard you get payed to do the final project for quantum physics class.

-You heard well

-How much?

-that would be 90 dollars

-That’s a little expensive don’t you think?

-Do you want it or not?


-Let me have your Mail so I can send you the project done.


-Sorry man, I will have to report you for trying to buy final projects. That’s against the rules, I already have your data and the screenshots to prove it.

-Wait, what? You can´t do that!

-Yes, I can, and I will, sorry, you shouldn’t do that.

-Please, man I have a scholarship to keep, I can’t afford to lose it, don’t be a douche.

With my legs shaking and trying not to cry, I left my phone beside me and started to regret the moment I though that was a good idea.

My friend, who was right next to me asked me:

-Why so scared, is it something wrong?

-I just lost my f*** scholarship man, everything´s wrong.

-What? Why?

-The phone you gave me, that douche told me he´s telling the college authorities that I was trying to buy our final project.

-is it though?

-Yes, you idiot!

-Jokes on you dumb head! That´s my cousins phone! That was all a joke!

-Are you serious?


The class was over, and I went home with my legs still shaking, I didn’t know if it was because that f*** bad joke or because I was so mad due to that stupid joke.


Its been 4 days since that happened and my friend, can’t find his dog. He would never guess Bilbo is having the time of his life here with me. Who’s laughing now you idiot?

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