The Dreamer


By: Mauricio Diaz




There was once a young man, Arthur, who lived in the Big Apple or New York City. He was in his mid 20s and was born into a wealthy family. So, Arthur took some time off his education to pursue something he had always wanted to do, which was travel the world. Throughout his lifetime, Arthur had always marveled at the way things were made and how it is they were built. There was one thing in particular that he was in love and in awe with. Bridges. Arthur described bridges as a work of art. When he traveled the world, he made sure he made pit stops at every important bridge in the world or at least at those he was truly mesmerized by. Arthur finally returned to New York after two years to further his education.

            Arthur went back to his old life. His days would consist of doing the same thing over and over and over again. He would wake up, have breakfast at Max Brenner’s and go to class at Parsons University. After classes he would meet up with his friends and they would all go to hipster rooftop bars. Arthur’s favorite part of the day was when he would sleep because he always dreamt the same dream. It became a regular thing for him, he would dream the same dream every night and he loved it.

The day finally came when he was wearing his cap and gown and was ready to walk on stage and receive his master’s degree in urban planning and civil engineering. Arthur was getting closer to making his dream a reality. Arthur’s dream consisted of building a bridge so eccentric it would go down in the books as one the modern wonders of the world. 

            He asked his parents for a small loan to start his very own engineering firm. He was given major projects, which he completed with excellency. Then, one day, Arthur was given the opportunity to build a bridge, but this bridge was not an ordinary bridge, it was a bridge that would connect San Diego to Coronado. "I’m finally going to live my dream," said Arthur. Arthur was so entranced because he knew that his dream was actually coming true. He knew an opportunity like this would not come again so easily, so he decided he would build the bridge underwater. His idea was to build a tube-like bridge with see through glass, so people could be able to see the ocean life. He knew if he made this spectacle he would become famous around the entire globe.

After six months, it was finally opening day. It was a six lane bridge, three going to and three going fro. The multitude of cars began to drive through the bridge and all the people were amazed by the sight of the ocean underwater. Suddenly, it began to rain inside the bridge. The people began to panic as they realized that the water was seeping through the glass and that the bridge was collapsing. The bridge collapsed and every single person died. 

Arthur somewhat accomplished his dream, but instead of becoming famous around the globe, he because infamous. This led Arthur to be engulfed by a great depression, which ended with him jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

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