Those Who Oppose

To those who oppose

America's liberation

of Iraq,

liberation from


from tyranny,

those who cry out

about innocents

being killed-

I ask you this...

WHERE were your protests?

WHERE were your cries of pity?

WHERE was your outrage

when those same


were being tortured,

raped, killed,

by their very own


Why was your

bleeding heart

so silent then?

Why was your

droning voice

so muted then?

Why cry,

'unjust' now,

when you turned,


to their 30 year plight

under a dictators

brutal regime?


didn't you care,


yet NOW you claim

WE are in the wrong?

Your 'concern'

for the innocence

of Iraq

is tainted.


by your previous


You care not

for innocence,

but merely care

for yet another

soapbox performance

of your

short-sighted views

and a deep-seeded


to BE an opposer

of all America does.

You are simply

nothing more

than self-rightous

attention whores

who are the 'CON'

of every 'PRO.'

The opposite of

any positive.

The Ying

to any Yang.

-No better

than the NOW defunct

tyranical leadership

of Iraq,

who also,

'cared not'

for the innocent.


who shedded more tears

for baby seals

and rainforests

than for the innocents.


who support

the very killing of innocence

by way of abortion,

now scream out

against the killing


You can NOT claim

to be indignant

of our actions

there, now,

when before,

you were indifferent

to their suffering,

to their tortures,

to the genocide.

Why, did you,

the opposers,

keep so silent,

so many years,

but now, speak from

both sides of your

shameful faces?

Your 'blindness'

to the innocents of before,

is better served

hugging trees

in a darkened forest.


I ask you,

is your same outrage

over innocent Americans

hidiously beheaded

before the eyes

of a world,

in the name

of their 'god'?

Put down your

cardboard signs!

Silent your

hypocritical tongues!

Hide your two-faced faces

in your utter shame

and your

far-sighted blindness!

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