Alphabet Soup


Any man can

Barter his soul for

Cashews or nickles and

Dimes, but not

Every man can

Free his needs and have the

Guts to do what

He wants to do.

It takes a real

Jerk of a man to

Kill commong sense

Long enough to

Measure the importance of that

Need and see if it's

Only a desire.

Perhaps it's just a theory or

Question of mine, but

Really, men seem to

Shy away from

That which is

Understandable, just to

Verify their masculinity,

What little they have in that

X-rated head of theirs, which

You realize is all in their


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Geez, I must be the most creative person alive! To think, this poem spells out the ALPHABET on the side. I am too smart for my own good, I swear..... (High School, anywhere between '93-'95)

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The Hill

Before the Lord sinners are herding.

The Golden Rule is plated thin

with too cheap an undergirding.

The Hill has ways to practice sin

'cause the word of God weighs nothing.

Carrying the weapons under their shirts

they say their bible is wanting

the innocents sacrificed for their mirth

and the specter of war ever haunting

the days and dreams of lessors

who pray for their tongue's salting;

awaiting the notice of good confessors

to plead for evils' halting.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

According to Haitian folklore, feeding salt to a zombie will return it to its senses.

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