All you wanted

Was to hold me

Just one more night

And set me free


Yet I came back

Your soul beckoned

And I ran to you

Not hesitating a second


Now I’ve found the joy

I’ve searched for all this time

And I’ve found a happiness

That is beyond sublime



Written on

April 5, 2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written to Paul. We still talk on a daily basis even though we have been apart for about 2 years.

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Final Indecisions


So I sit and I scream

From my own stupidity

Because I’m staying somewhere

I just don’t wanna be

I find reasons to stay

Then bitch that I’m here

All in very hushed tones

So no one may hear

Hurting myself daily

For reasons I cant fathom

Yet it comes down to something

I just choose between them

But I know in my heart

The choice has been made

One love grows stronger

While the other does fade



Written on

March 8, 2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I guess we are coming to the point where my memory is fading a bit. I dont really know who or why this poem was wrtten.

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Glory Of Love


Pain may be great

Hurt may be deep

Yet my heart won’t sedate

For I have love


It flies me high

And flies me far

Away from all of my

Fears, worries, and doubts


Loves ecstasy takes me

To a magical place

That only the heart can see

And only the soul can feel


~Chrystal Swallows

Written on

September 2, 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Do I have to say who this was written to?

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Thank You


I have been through

Hell and high water

I’ve been left before

And I’ve done my share

Of walking away


I’ve dealt with pain

From my peers, my friends

From my family

And ultimately from myself

I can handle so much


Yet when it comes to you

There are no barriers

You walked in on my heart

And I fell in love

Ever so deeply in love


You have had the chance

To hurt this heart of mine

But you never

Had the desire to give me pain

Because you love me


I just wanted to say

Thank you Steve

For being just who you are

And not having the desire

To hurt me



Written on

May 17, 2003 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was also written to Steve. Thanking him for loving me.

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The day of your death

Shall mark the coming of mine

For I know in the depth of my soul

That my life cannot go on

Without you


Even though your memory

Shall reside in all my thoughts

All my hopes, dreams, and desires

Will all fade away before long

Without you


You are everything to me

The sight of you just makes my day

Yet deep in my very essence

Fade will the hearts song

Without you



Written on

May 5, 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was writen to my boyfriend, Steve Swallows. This relationship lasted about two years.

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I ran so far

And so very fast

Away from anything

That could be love


I never wanted to fall again

Not after the first time

That I tumbled heart first

So I ran long and hard


Then I found you

So sweet and caring

I ran as fast as I could

Straight to your arms


As I ran to you

I stumbled and fell

Head over hells

Into the unending abyss


Now I run to get to you

I desire, I need, I crave

You, all of you, every inch

Of your fantastic body


All I need from you

Is your love, your heart

And your strong arms

So I have a place to run to



Written on

January 13, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another one written to Shawn.

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Meeting The One


Usually it’s so hard

To get into my heart

But somehow you’ve done it

Right from the very start


I saw you on All Hallows Eve

We had a night of fun

But somehow right then and there

To each other our hearts began to run


We began dating that very night

Somehow I knew I loved you

Although we weren’t together long

I knew you loved me too


Now you’re all I think of

And all I desire to have

You are everything to me

From lover to healing salve


You can give me everything I desire

Although that’s not really what I want

All I really what is your love

It is the purest I have yet sought



Written on

December 8, 2000 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about my ex Shawn Terrier.  

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