Shining So Bright


If I Could See
All The Defects In Me
I'm Sure I Wouldn't Like It
But If I Saw The Imperfection In You
I'd Still Love You Anyways


If You Say You're Perfect
I Wouldn't Believe You
In Fact I'd Say You're Lying
But I'd Love You Anyways
I Know Better Than To Love The Things That You're Not
But To Love You For The Things You Are


Because When You Shine
You Shine The Brightest
Even If You Feel Like Dull Jewel
And You Feel Like You're Worth Nothing But A Dull Gem
You're A Sparkling Diamond To Me
Cause You're Shining More Than Ever!


You Glow Like Radiant Sparkle In The Dark
Oh Even If I Were Blind
My Eyes Would Open Wider Than Loves Arms
If You Could See The Gap In Between
I'd Know It Would Definitely Be Yours And No One Else's


The More I Spend Time With You
The More I Fall In Love With You
If I Told You My True Feelings
Maybe You'd Fall In Love Me
But I Know Better Then To Let My Heart Spill Out
If Fate Let By God Made This On Purpose
Then I Wouldn't Want To Spoil And Rush It


Because Love Isn't Meant To Be Rushed
Because It's Meant To Be Cherish
It's Meant To Enjoy Every Moment
The Ups And Downs In Each Relationship
The Fights In Couples May Break Them
But Fighting To Stay Connected Together
Is What Makes Them Stronger Together


If Lead Me To The Stars
I Would Find You At The End
At The End Of My Rainbow
Only You Would Shine So Bright
Would It Lead Me To Your Beautiful Love

Abdul Alhazred


Alhazred was born in Yemen,

Traveling in the known world;

Amassing lore and legend,

And the tales of the fiends.


A writer and a poet,

He was educated much.

Geometry, algebra, Alchemy

And magickal incantations' need.


From the cup of occult knowledge

He drank deep...

Driving a normal person

To madness or beyond.


Alhazred was once a normal man,

With desires like we all can.

He was Arab by birth,

With a pale skin in rebirth.

Being labeled the mad,

As he was once a dad.

But had to eat his child,

By the King of the Palace's might.


He wrote down the Necronomicon,

In more than one song...

The obscure, the forgotten,

The suppressed, the rotten.

Never meant to be read;

It causes insanity with speed.

Not interpreted rationally,

The thoughts cause a rally.


Alhazred was insane,

By the lore he learned within.

But he wrote clear,

With many a tear.


The state of the Universe,

In reality suspense;

Plaything of mad gods at best,

Sewer of evil in the north, south, east, west.


Humans dare not dream of this,

For their peaceful lives they cannot miss.

A warning and guide this book is,

And by the Djinns you do wish.


Alhazred died, not a mystery,

It is written in history.

In the marketplace,

He was erased.

By the Demon from beyond,

Who wanted him gone.

Blood upon the sand,

There he was banned.

In broad daylight,

With many a sight.


He meddled with evil things,

With beings with wings.

He is now dead,

After he bled...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the Mad Poet Abdul Alhazred who wrote the Necronomicon.

Right Here Beside You


If I Could Be Anywhere
I Wouldn't Need To Choose
Cause I'd Want To Be With You
Right Here Beside You


Because I Love You More
Than The Number Of Places
I Could Choose From
Love You More Than The Number Of
'I Love You' Phrases In An Entire Life Time


I Don't Want To Be Anywhere Else
Other Than Here With You
Because We Could Be Having Fun At The Beach
We Might Be Chilling At The Arcade
Playing Along The River Stream
Biking Around In The Park


But I Choose To Just Chill And Cuddle Beside You
Where Ever You Are I'll Be By You
Right Beside You So Close Our Cheeks Brush Against
I See Your Face Blush Like a Bright Tomato
I Smile Back At Your Adorable Cuteness
Because I Choose To Be With You
There's No Where Else I'd Choose


We Could Be At Home Listening
To Smooth Cool Jazz
Peaceful Melodic Orchestra
Listening To The Radio
What Ever It May Be
Sitting Outside Watching The Clouds Pass By
May It Be The Night Time
Star Gaze Upon The Beautiful Night


It May Be A Beautiful Night
But There's Nothing More Beautiful Than You
Sitting By Your Love Partner
Oh How Your Heart Beat Pumps Faster
Or Pumps Way So On How Close You Are


May The Closeness Be So Comfortable
That You Don't Even Want Sex
Because Of The Corruption Of This World

Divorce And Broken Relationships One After Another
And Oh How The Disease Spreads Like a Plague


But To Be Snuggling Right By Your Lover
To Feel Close To Each Other All The Time
Oh How Lovely Our Skins Brush Up


Kissing You Oh So Gently
Not Too Soft Or Not Too Fast
But To See You Blush Like The Color Scarlet Red
To Run My Fingers Through Your Hair
Oh How Pretty But So Adorable At The Sight Of You


Gently On The Lip That Happiness Of Tears Flow Out
To Feel The Pulsing Heartbeat Pound Faster
It's Such A Pleasant Moment To Feel
To Be Here With You
Snuggling Close Beside You

Tearful Delight And Happiness

Drip Drop Drip Drop
Slush Splash Slush Splash
Here Comes The Rain
For The Rain Is Pouring Upon Us
Maybe This Time It Calls For Desperate Measures
But Wait What Do I See In My Distance


I See You Walking Towards My Way
Why Would Such A Beautiful Girl
Be Walking In The Rain All Alone
Drizzling Of The Tears
Tears Splashes All Over
Sometimes I Feel Like I Hardly Know You


You Say You Can't Stand Being At Home Alone
When The Rain Is Flooding Down Like A Ocean
Though It Make Trapped And Scared
Saddened To The Desperate Measures
You Tell Me Whats Wrong
You Tell Me Why You're Here


But Suddenly You Come Rushing Into My Arms
Close Tight And Squeeze Me Hard
Why Is This So, What Does This Mean


You Tell Me You Hate Being Alone
The Rain Scars Your Skin
The Memories Of The Past Seem To Haunt You
It Makes You Remember Of The Horrible Times
I Don't Know How Terrible It Was
But If You Need Somebody To Accompany You
I'll Definitely Stay Here Forever Till You Say So


Here You Are In My Arms
I Don't Move A Muscle
But I Don't Loosen Up
Because I Just Hold You Closer To Me
You Feel Like You're Scared To Death
Like You've Been Abused At Home


I Wouldn't Know The Experience
But I Totally Feel Your Pain
I Can't Say Its The Same Kind Of Pain
But I Know That Experience
Knowing Yourself You're Not Safe Here


You're Totally Safe With Me
I Can't Stand To Have Friends Hurt
But I Don't Like Seeing My Friends In Pain Either


Your Face Comes Close To My Face
I Blush A Bit Because I've Never Felt Romance
Cause I've Never Been In Love Before
You Lips Come Close To Me
I Don't Push You Away
But You Gently Kiss Me
I Affectionately Approve It


But Why Do The Tears Fall Out
Are You Happy Cause You're With Me
Or Are You Happy Because You're In Love
Whether I Knew Either Was True
I'm Glad You're Here With Me
And Not Someone Else Who Would Abuse You

Drying Out The Tears In Your Eyes

When The Night Seems Forever Lost
And You Feel Like You've Got Nothing Else Left
When Everyone Else Leaves You Behind
And All That's Left Is The Dust They Leave Behind
The Ones Who Feel Left Out
I Promise That You're Not Alone


I Know How It Feels To Experience Such Pain
Cause I've Been Inside Your Shoes
I've Been On That Road Before
I Know The Things You Go There
For I Am Always With You


In The Moments Where You Feel Vunerable
The Times You Want To Just Give Up
Please Don't Let Go
Because I'm Right There With You
My Spirit Is Sitting Right Beside You


There's No Distance That Can Separate Us
Even If You Feel Like We've Drifted Apart
I Know That's Not The Case
Because I've Been Looking After You
I've Been Praying For You


Even With All The Words I Could Tell You
I Couldn't Possibly Tell You
The Amount Of Affection To Show You
How Much I Intensely Love You


If You Desperately Need Love
And You're Left Speechless
Just Come Into My Arms
You Don't Need To Say Anything
I Don't Need A Sign From You
Because I Accept You The Way You Are
I May Not Know How You're Feeling
But I Love You Anyways


Please Close Your Eyes
Rest Your Head Beside My Shoulder
And I Promise I Won't Let You Go
I May Not Be Able To Erase The Pain
But I Will Definitely Ease Your Heart
To Heal The Scars I Can't See With My Eyes
To Mend The Wounds That's Hurting You
Just Call For My Name
And I'll Be There For You

Descend Your Vision

With This Overflowing Faith
The Way You Set Me Free
Release This Pain Inside Of Me
Seizing My Chest Tighter Than Ever
It Grapples Hold Of My Heart


The Force Resides Inside Of Me
Release These Chains That Are Crushing Me
I Becoming Something Better Than You Can Conceive
It's Who I Am Cause I'm Feeling So Free
It's Like I'm Soaring Through The Sky
Like A Tidal Wave Crashing The Ocean


Take Me To The Limit
Break The Atmosphere In Half
And Take Me To The Stars
Because All I Am Is
What You're Seeing In The Stars
Cause I'm On My Way To Be Free


These Walls Can't Hold Me In
Because The Chains Cannot Limit The Ocean
This Road I'm Riding Will Never Change
Will Fortitude Of Justice Break Through
Or Will The Darkness Overwhelm The Heart


Overflows Till My Heart Diffuses Into Universal Love
Something You Can't See With Your Eyes
Something You Can't Touch With Your Hands
Something You Can't Feel With Your Heart
Because When All Else Fails
And Everyone Turns Their Back Against You
Fall On Your Knees And Pray To The Lord

Feeling This Infinite Love

Oh The Sweet Soothe Sound
Soothe Sacred Soft Singing
The Gentle Touch Of The Skin
How Our Cheeks Brush Up
The Blush Of The Cheeks


Turns Bright Scarlet Red
Red Like A Delicious Tomato
How Our Chests Press Against
The Affectionate Hearts Resound
Oh How It Feels So Warm And Cozy


I Love That Feeling With You
Because Being With You Feels So Free
Breathing Feels So Great Again
I Know Your Heart
Because You Knew My Heart
Before I Knew Myself


To Embrace Your Love With Me
To Press Against Your Chest
To Hold You Tightly By Me
Wrapped In Your Arms


What's There Left To Say
Because There's No Words Needed To Say
I Know I'm Okay Because You're With Me
And Even When You're Far Away
I Still Feel You With Me
You're The One Who Brings The Best Out Of Me
The One Who Finds The Radiant Shine In My Heart


Even When I Find The Darkness Consuming Me Whole
I Open My Eyes And I Remember You're With Me
You're Always With Me Where Ever I Go
You're Always Looking After Me
I Adore The Thought  Of You Taking Care Of Me
To Feel Cherished All The Time And At Any Place


Oh How Could I Explain In Actions
I Can't Begin To Explain In Words
Because Your Love Is Unconditional
Oh How Wide And How Long
I Could Not Measure At All
But It Lengths Longer Than
An Unlimited Supply Of The Love You Give

There's Nothing Else Is Left

Some Say They Want You
Some Say That The Really Care
But In The End They Just Don't Care
I Cannot Keep Living This Way
I Can't Keep Wasting Away


But I Can't Seem That I Know It
Something That Keeps Me At Bay
What's Keeping Me Strong
What In The World Is Keeping Me Awake

I Don't To Make Things Harder
But Standing On The Dark Roads Now
I Feel The Light Escaping My Grip


But It's Not Left Me Just Yet
Cause I Haven't Given Up
This Fight Isn't Over Yet


I Keep Calling Your Name
But Do You Hear My Call
I'm Still Holding On
That's Why I Still Pray
Though I Don't Know What Else To Do
I Don't Know What Else To Say
I Can't Find The Words In My Heart


Cause You Just Gotta Know
I'm Trying Real Hard To Hold On
I Still Feel Empty Deep Inside

And It's Been A While Since I Last Felt You


Even When I Try To Smile I Feel Like It's Fake
And Even When My Emotions Grow Highs And Lows
I Still Feel I'm Sitting Right At The Bottom
Like The Lid Was Closed On This Cap
The Contents Fell Through The Roof
And Hit Directly To The Basement


I Know I'm Not Perfect
But I Feel Worthless And Useless
I Can't Help But Think A Certain Way
Cause With Special Capabilities
I Just Feel My Talents Are Unknown


I Can't Trust Myself
Cause I Know If I Do
I Just End Up Hurting Myself
My Sinful Self Knows My Weaknesses
And Strikes Directly At The Heart


I Don't Know How You're Working Lord
If I Knew The Ways Of You
Would Things Feel Different
Would My Actions Feel Altered
Would I Still Trust Myself 


I Feel Like I Have Nothing Else Left
I Know I Have Alot In My Life
But I'm Losing My Mind
And My Faith Is All I Got
I'm Still Holding On To You Lord
I Don't Know What Else To Do
So That's Why I Still Pray

I Don't Have The Words My Heart Wants To Say

Seems Like Its Just Passing By
And I Know It's Just Something To Pass By
I Thought Something Would Be Different By Now
But It Feels Just The Same As Last Year


If I Could Change A Thing
I Don't Think I Would
But I Could Have The Memories Back
I Wouldn't Doubt With Pure Reject
I Wouldn't Reconsider Cause I Wouldn't Want It
All This Time I'm Just Pretending


I Know It's Important To Me
But It Feels Pointless Right Now
Even Though I May Not Understand It
Maybe's I'm Just Thinking Too Much
But Honestly I Just Don't Remember
Why I Even Feel This Way Anymore
Or The Things That Changed My Mind


I Don't Have The Words
I Don't Really Feel Like Saying Anything
But To Feel The Warmth Affection
I Just Can't Believe It
What Are You Waiting For

Cause If You're Waiting On Me
I Don't Have A Clue
On What I Should Aim For

All I Have Is Bits And Pieces Of Things In My Mind
All These Memories I Don't Want To Remember Anymore
But My Mind Reminds Me Of Things I Try To Forget
I Don't Feel Like I Should Care About Anything Anymore


I Walk Down This Path I Feel Like I Should Know Something
But All I Know Is That I'm Dead Inside
Ohh I Scream For Your Name
I Can't Block Any Of This Pain
Because It's All Coming From Inside
It's Eating Me Inside Feels Like An Erupting Outbreak


Feels Like There's No Room For Anything In My Heart
All I Have Is The Fear That Merges Me Into Frightening Timid
All I'm Feeling Is This Tormented Scars That's Driving Me Insane
All I Thinking Is This Distressful Agony That's Torturing Me Like Crazy
Although All I Have Left In My Heart Is Knowing I Just Can't Give Up On God