Being Loved


I think,i know you

i do not know you as anything

either or not i must wrong you

all i know is a scream of baby heard

otherside of my wall just like pleading

to a wicked mother

am i the mother refering to?

even am the dreadeous

i would accept the call

because i have sometimes trying to diswall

and fish out the craze-baby

i would put the sharpen tool down

and refuse not to carry the baby

inside the mercy palm of my ancient

i must think back well and lure

to grab my inscissor with lovely-cated

indiswall the wall build by hero

of my late time during then

Author's Notes/Comments: 

citing the poem to desroy the plan of war against one another.particularly africa.'war is shame that shame after generating the income'

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You and Me....

Missing you like a summer breeze,

Longing for your kiss with warmth

And passion-

My life seems incomplete when your

Not by my side,

When lost in the translation of

Love, you redefine the meaning in

My life-

Serve you like a Goddess, for you

Are my salvation,

In meditation you are my center of


You keep me grounded and sane,

If one could hold the hands of time,

Time would stand still while we kiss,

And our heart's rhythm would beat as


You and me united by time...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love's essence is time and patience....

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forever yours

i've tried to tell you how i feel,

and that my love for you is real.

I dont know if you even see,

all i want is you plus me.

I close my eyes and begin to cry,

But when i look up to my surprise,

your standing there, my hand in yours.

you tell my im forever yours.

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whats a life without a love?

whats a kiss without a hug?

One can't live without the other,

thats how i feeel about my lover


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Pretty Boy


Pretty Boy,your smile caught my attenion.

I see you standing there alone.

Your eyes are flaked with good intentions,

but inside, your heart is built of stone.

I watch you break and tip and fall,

and Pretty Boy, your tears burn.

So many soft words; wish I could tell them all,

but then you would never learn.

Time only shows me how we'll ache,

you know it's hard to be more than just a friend.

Please be careful with me; I don't want to break,

my heart in your hands could shatter or it could mend...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love Me Gently,
Hold Me Still,
Love Me Still,
Hold Me Gently.

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Just Keep Me In Your Heart

All of the wrongs.

Everything I've done.

Each and every step,

Another mistake.

Mistakes that only pushed you away.

Hour by hour,

And day by day.

All I made were mistakes.

Mistakes that pushed you away.

So very far away.

Yes we had our good.

But the bad can never be undone.

I don't ask for forgivness.

I don't ask for remberance.

I ask only we move ahead.

Push forward.

Towards the horizon.

To a life we planned.

Two years ago.

I don't ask much.

Just keep me in your heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was feeling sad as I wrote this, thinking back on all the fuck up's I made that drove my Tiffany away. It drove me to write this from they very core of my being. Glad I have the chance to make a better future with her.

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The month I never imagined, would have so much meaning

I've always known this as a time for cleaning, someone was intervening

Life so lustrous, so bright

clear skies, blessed days

These are days you dream about

At least I

Everything is one

Finally your whole, completed

Purpose & fulfillment, these are present

This month, life changing forevermore

This beauty, my wife, I will adore

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A month in the future I look forward to:)

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It Hurts

Even though I may act tough about it

It hurts on the inside more than ever

even though i may hold back the tears

it hurts to make my emotions hide

even though i threaten to move out

it hurts to say it, because i could never do it

even though you sometimes notice other girls more than me

it hurts to think about you with someone else

even though you would rather leave than relax with me

it hurts to watch you want to do something that must be better

even though sometimes i feel like you only want one thing,

it hurts to feel that if i dont give you'll get it somewhere else

even though i KNOW you check girls out right in front of me,

it hurts when you tell me you didnt

even though i KNOW you have lied to me in the past

it hurts to think you might be doing it all the time

even though you get mad and snap at me too

it hurts to not cry, so i just get more angry

even though you tell me everything will be fine

it hurts to bite my tongue with some things because i know it wont be

even though you tell me you aren't doing some things,

it hurts to tell you i dont believe you, but i do

even though you say i love you and sometimes i dont say it back

it hurts not to, but sometimes i wonder if we are being true to ourselves

even though im writing this while its taking place,

it hurts because i know no one will ever understand why it hurts.            

                    By: Tia Marie Thompson    05/26/08

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Dream of Heaven

You steal my dreams away

and dull slumber departs;

You glide into my heart

and let it skip with glee.

You sneak into my chamber

seeking some solace there;

You gently ease all fears

when love you see - is there.

You wake me in my sleep

with kisses on my lips:

ardent, soft and tender;

Sweetly, I surrender.

You take me to heaven

We fly across the plains;

The clouds amass with rain;

Parched land surfeits with grains.

Copyright@2008, LCDancel, All rights reserved

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~Written, May 17, 2008~

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