Being Loved



absconding with my tears and heart,

my pilot-mind I let float me away

to deeper, inner-realms apart.

Pedestrian motives cannot touch

the what and where that I create.

Not Solitude, but I approach

a lovely, joyous raptured state.

I do not see what I reach toward,

but I am drawn inexorably on

by forces which know not a word

except as spoken in Love's tone;                

the throat whence freely cadences forth

the scintillating voice of my Salphire's heart.

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At The Silk Merchant's House

"My licit lover and I want two pair of hose
"to buy---two style that we are told you make,
"both gold:  mine sheer and doubly woven at the toes
"and heels, preventing snags; but his, fully opaque."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The original Greek epigram is presented in the scholarly periodical, Le Journal, February, 1896 (in the same article from which the poet Cavafy derived the material for his subsequently discarded poem about Salome).

According to the article, this epigram was first cited by Hieronymus Scholasticus in his voluminous Historia Ecclesiastica, in which he records that it appeared on a scrap of papyrus found, ostensibly, in the ruins of a silk merchant's house, and believed to have been written by a Christian girl (hence, her specification that her lover is licit, that is, wedded to her).  In his commentary on the epigram, Hieronymus Scholasticus interprets it as evidence of the licit marital pleasures that Christians, then, enjoyed without fear of fundamentalist reprisal.

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Shining upon a star lit sky

Twinkling deities

Crying to the Sun

Kissing the Earth

Blanketing the lunar body


Just like his eyes

So warm and caring

Wrapping us

just like his arms


ever bright

like our hearts

So noticable

like love

in the darkest night

A hope

A glimpse


as beautiful as him

As soft as his lips


Caring and sweet

Distant and hesitant

I want to touch them

To hold them

To tell them

I love you

They are so far away


One day I shall

Perhaps have a star of my own

To hold and to love fully

To reassure that He won't

be alone in the dark

ever again.

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Lady Certainly's Faith [after Acts 3:9]

Just like the ancient temple's gate, called Beautiful
your sure and spiritual beauty---perfect, present, whole---
raised me up (who had been in spirit, so long, lame)
into enjoyment of Salvation in Christ's name.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lady Certainly's faith brought me the Good News of the Gospel.

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Untitled -- 2.19.2009

New Work

I feel so lost

You're on the phone

I just am confused

You just do so much to me

My heart is skipping

My breathing difficult

But I know you're there

Waiting for me to speak

I need you here

Your soul, your heart

Your mind, your love

Its all for me

I'm still so lost

in this big world with you

lost and just feeling

something is wrong

I'm lost

I have perfection

I'm afraid

I'm always afraid...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sweetie this one is def. for you hopefully it will explain something....

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Hard for Words

New Work

Its hard

to get the words out

the right ones

the right thoughts

The thoughts

are jumbled confusing

not right

saying what I don't mean

I can't say the right ones

I can't tell you what I want

I can't tell you how I feel

But you love me just the same

They didn't listen

They didn't take the time

I couldn't get the words out either

But to understand they never tried

If its hard

to get the words out

the right ones

the right thoughts

The thoughts

are jumbled confusing

not right

saying what you don't mean

You can't say the right ones

You can't tell me what you want

You can't tell me how you feel

But I love you just the same

They didn't listen

They didn't take the time

You couldn't get the words out either

But to understand they never tried

If you're hard for words

let me listen

Maybe I can understand

you better

Now that we're together

maybe the right words will come out

we will listen and we will be....

And maybe we won't be so hard for words

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is BRAND FREAKING NEW....I hope you like it...

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Grins And Happy Things

When i first saw you i couldnt help but stare

The whole time you where standing there.

Looking in your eyes i like what i see

Watching your lips while you where talking to me.

When you walked closer i started to get butterflys

Trying my best not to get shy.

Sending chills down my spine

Wondering whats running through your mind.

I cant think of anything better then this

When im alone those feelings i miss.

I like this, the feelings you give me.

Your everything i want, everything i need.

I want you i wish you'd be all mind.

get over here and quit running through my mind.

you see, your perfect from my view

Those thoughts emotions are unfermiliar and new.

Everytime i think of you a grin appears

If you knew what i was thinking you'd be smiling from ear to ear.

Sometimes i get too shy

But you make me feel so good.

Doing and saying everything i thought you would.

What do i say?

I keep studdering my words

Wishing my mind would properly work.

I think you already know

That your everything i want everything i need.

What can i say?

Other then I Love You..

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Relevance (I beg....)

I beg to be real.

I beg to feel.

I beg to heal

From pain so real.

I beg for relevance

In a world of disdained elegance

I beg for someone to care for me

And not just leave me

The put-together person I claim to be

I beg to be able to make a positive difference

In a world hurting and lost

Despite probable interference

From the bigot and Pharisee

I beg to be able to pause

And spend more time with God and creation

In harmony and exultation

I beg to be accepted for who I am

Not where I could someday be

I beg for love

From more than the One up above

I beg that I could see

What a relevant, positive world

Is supposed to be

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the lady hidden in the snow

The lady hidden in the snow

journeyed out to find me.

Her arms were clad in silk and brass,

her hair encased in fire.

As I rested among lillies

and dead darlings of May,

she came to find me.

The sea turned red and boiled,

and the blood rose in my chest.

The wind blew cold across my face,

and yet she came to find me.

A pack of goblins hemmed and hawed,

little yellow hands flailing,

jaundiced bodies trailing,

as the lady hidden in the snow

calmly walked to the garden--

the garden where she found me.

And the moment we touched,

smoke filled my mouth,

blood filled my loins,

and the snow burried my soul.

The lady hidden in the snow,

she gave her own to find me.

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