Just Keep Me In Your Heart

All of the wrongs.

Everything I've done.

Each and every step,

Another mistake.

Mistakes that only pushed you away.

Hour by hour,

And day by day.

All I made were mistakes.

Mistakes that pushed you away.

So very far away.

Yes we had our good.

But the bad can never be undone.

I don't ask for forgivness.

I don't ask for remberance.

I ask only we move ahead.

Push forward.

Towards the horizon.

To a life we planned.

Two years ago.

I don't ask much.

Just keep me in your heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was feeling sad as I wrote this, thinking back on all the fuck up's I made that drove my Tiffany away. It drove me to write this from they very core of my being. Glad I have the chance to make a better future with her.

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