Being Loved


Last night before I slipped

Into the valley of sleep

I let my mind wander



In the darkness, I beheld

My loved ones

And those I know

All those who have crossed


Palpable perceptions

And those still tangible

And I wondered

If there was one thing

I could tell



They live

Amongst clusters of neurons

Deep in my temporal cortex

Or move in corporeal forms

I can communicate

And before my

Hypothalamic clock

Switched off

I said

I love you

I love you all

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I spent yet another night on call in the hospital and thank GOD it was quiet for a change. In a pensive mood i lay down to sleep and then got up to pen my thoughts just before i dozed off again.

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Ms. Meander

Sit above a leaking box

And tap the night away

Praying for an open chord

To tell me what to say

Strings to slap and fool myself

To think I'm something more

Then the mediocre here or there

That's losing at his core

And Ms. Meander I can try

To sympathize with you

And tend to you when you fall ill

Or when you follow through

But everybody ruins things

When I try to act so sweet

I burn myself when I take off

Or land upon my feet

We're so alike Meander mine

It hurts to see your tears

I don't know how to make things right

Or how to make things clear

You build your fancy artistry

I stumble over blocks

Land upon you so triumphant

And crush your winning stock

Because I am the endless clog

That you will soon replace

And as you reach to dust me off

Your lips will touch my face

You'll promise me your side at mine

And tug me back and forth

While I worry, while I stare

You'll lead me somewhere warm

And there we can just share ourselves

Falling for our glance

After all, we're only kids

Who only took a chance.

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Lady Beatrice's Shoelessness

My new silk stockings---sheer silk---are dark brown,
mostly concealed beneath my floor-length gown,
 but visible uponl my unshod feet.
My boy friend, Dante, likes to look at them---
erotic yet revealed with modesty,
and nothing for self-righteous to condemn
(no fornication, nor lust, nor conceit).
He promises to write great poetry,
and that his verses will sing praise of me
in ways no one has sung (well, publicly).
But, for right now, we like our privacy---
to have some time apart, in our own space
where, as he sprawls out, floored, quite comfortably,
my eager, silk-sheathed feet caress his face.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem woke me up early this morning (3am or so); an imagining of Dante and Beatrice sharing a private, adolescent moment.

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The sky says storms

And we pass along our bodies

To the roadways and gutters

As litter and traction

Without hope for another

Or rain in the gutter

We're squealing our tires

Fighting ways home

To the heat and the stick

The AC and carpeting

We'll mat our depression

Or hang it on the wall

Our impact to guide us

An outside perspective

We'll just ourselves quiet

And fear all reproach

To stone ourselves daily

With the drops of grey dye

To punish us soundly

For uttering a word

We sit in our closure

Of sound mind and body

Just to be rattled

By the chimes of another.

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Mi silencio es mas que suficiente para

decirte que no puedo correponderte

mi querida y apreciada amiga.

Que tu sueno viva en ti, que tu atardecer

se convierta en nuevo amanecer, y que tu camino

continue su destino, porque a mi corazon no lo

puedes atar para que te pueda amar,

solo te te responde a una linda amistad

Gracias desde el fondo de mi corazon

por fijsrte en mi y tratar de brindarme amor,

te deseo lo mejor del mundo, despidete

ahora sin voltear,y no mires hacia atras

porque si miras de nuevo corro el riesgo

que te pueda lastimar, asi que porfavor entiende

no deseo que sufras solo deseo ser sincero

al brindarte mi amistad, asi que decide

que es lo que quieres por es eso lo unico

que puedo ofrecer..mi amistad incondicional...

Hasta siempre mi fiel amiga.... Mil gracias.....Y DIOS Te Bendiga!!

by. Felix Vargas

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"Mas Alla"

Mas allá de mis pensamientos y tristezas estas tu en mi mente, te imagino como eres, te invento en mi vida.

Más allá de la distancia de tu boca, están mis labios, mas allá de ti… estoy YO, en cada renacer de mi madrugada.

Cuando busco unos besos en mi almohada

cuando destila pasión, mi piel entre mis sabanas te imagino a ti, y no estas tu.

Mas allá de ti... mi piel que arde

ansía unos besos de fuego

Que sus manos estén sobre mi mano, presionando bajo el placer de sentirme amada la palabra mágica de sentirse amada esta en boca de pocos y de dicha de quienes lo viven... si me amaran esta noche.

La noche sería eterna, y la luna cambiaría de color y el frío se convertiría en calor.

Mas allá de la distancia, te invento en mi vida te imagino mirar tus ojos, tocar con mis manos tu rostro perderme en tu mirada y decirte: eres y serás solo mía.

Mas allá de mi esta el hombre que siente, que llora e imagina el amor verdadero, el hombre que espera que el amor vengá.

Mi alma se funde a mi pensamiento, mas mi refugio de escribir palabras mudas en mi interior, que solo lo expreso al decirlo Deseos de gritar en silencio y decir: si te inventé en mi vida "Existe en mi vida", aunque sea mas allá de mi.

Porque aun en mi soledad, llegará el día que te abrazaré tan fuerte, que sentirás no querer separarte jamás se impregnara en ti, el olor de mi piel.

me besaras como a nadie has besado, y te hare mia..

Dibujare en tu piel, un amanecer de esos que transportan en un bello mar de mi profundidad de amar te abrazare hoy y siempre y mas allá de mi soledad sabré ese día, que tu eres mi ser real.

Mas allá de mi, esta mi alma sola, como esta noche que me acompaña, solo como la brisa, sol como el amanecer mi rostro se ha inundado de llanto y mis manos están vacías.

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At Lady Beatrice's Refusal Of Advice

Some friends suggested that, soon as we can,
we should get naked; soon as possible;
that I, a girl, should make this boy a man
and, reaching through his flesh, inspire his soul.
But I have done that---in his poetry---
without recourse to sins of fornication.
(Of course, the teasing prospects of temptation
still lurk, with promise of false delectation;
to cause in us a spiritual miscarriage
if we make mockery of licit marriage.)
He says, in bliss, that he will write of me
in ways no woman has been, in the past,
a monument to our love that will last
until, and then into, eternity.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I believe Dante's promise to Beatrice, on her deathbed, to write of her as no woman had ever been written of before, was a final reiteration, rather than its original presentation.  From my own experience of adolescent love, decades ago, I am led to believe that the first offer of the promise had to occur in their adolescence, and in their more casual encounters.

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Why Stars Have To Hide

Missy, my sweet November Nova

You wrote the tune in your California eyes

I was stolen on the outskirts of your heart

with a burning in my thoughts, and my wet candle in Nirvana

Ah, you be theatrical in the parkway slumbers of Spring

You tried to call me out but I was ashamed

They've got me wearing trenchcoats again

and adding gloss to my cover sheet skin

I could never come close to understanding the ones not in hiding

I have no soul anymore but the one in memory

Bring me my food...and bring me my water

Such a wonderful daughter!!

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The room is dark its closing in, I cant breath im pulling thin. I try to speak and nothing is said. I cant talk or move my head. I picture things in my mind. Search for answers I cant find. I fell in love and now im blocked. I stand in peices completly shocked. Then you come and take my hand, And put all the peices together again. I can see and I can talk you take my hand and then we walk. You help me see reality and you helped me discover me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to joshua Gary Vincent 2 years and counting

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