Who Deserves The Blame?

Our lives are our own, nobody elses.

Though so often do we refuse to take the blame.

Decisions we all make, good or bad.

When the outcome is good its nothing but smiles,

Yet when the opposite is true, others we accuse.

For so many its hard, hard to accept whats true.

When our lives leave us unhappy, it was our own doing.

Nobody else got us to where we are, nobody else made our choices.

Its so easy to blame, so hard to admit.

None of us openly admit our flaws,

Only point them out in others.

We accept we are not perfect, but only by mouth.

In our thoughts we have it all figured out,

In our minds its everyone else who failed.

This can continue no more, so let me be the first.

I look for someone to blame, but Im looking in the mirror.

I see who has caused all that I dislike, I see who is to blame.

No more of this can I take, its time for it all to end.

This person in the mirror has caused it all,

And yet this person can change things if they try.

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My Hero

Here I am...sitting alone again,

but there I go...where to I don't know.

I have to laugh at myself when it hurts.

I can't believe that I'm still yours.

I no longer feel alone,

but I still believe Im cursed!

I want to be kissed by an angel!

I want to ride on the clouds of heaven

flying so high that no one can buy

a ticket to break my heart again!

So this is how it's gonna go.

If this's what life's like now I know

that I can deal with everything king...

I'm at a crossroads in my life.

There's so much on my freaking mind

that I know I can't take much more,

but there you are again...knocking on my door!

I want to be kissed by an angel!

I want to ride on the clouds of heaven

flying so high that no one can buy

a ticket to break my heart again!

There just has to be a way

that I can find the strength to say

that Im somebody's hero on this day!!

Oh here I am Lord, and I'm not scared

because you took away all my fear.

Nothing can stand against you...

for you're the way, the life, and the truth!!!

I want to ride on the clouds of heaven

flying so high that no one can buy

a ticket to break my heart again!

There just has to be a way

that I can find the strength to say

that you're my hero again today!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am alive in spirit, body, and mind, and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.  He the bridge over the deep chasm of my life that leads me to God the Father, and the Holy Spirit is my guide across. Praise the Lord.

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All I Ask Of You

Let me walk past without looking twice
If you could do that, it would be nice
The problems I have are bad enough
I could do without you making it tough
So when I walk past, look once or don’t
Manage that, then hold it to you I won’t
So let me walk on knowing your gaze -
Is not upon me because of my ways
Don’t treat me different because of how I may be
That’s all I ask, and it would really help me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

kind of like one of my other poems, but hey.

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Two Candles and a Cross

This is for you,

Because I just heard the news,

Please don’t make me miss her,

More than I already do,

Loved. Cherished, marveled,

Strong, beautiful, smart,

So many words for just one heart,

A prayer,

Meant to last a lifetime,

Ends up being a lifeline,

Two crosses and a candle,

Sit here before my eyes,

They hold so much hope,

Not a cheat, not a lie,

A picture,

Once just a picture,

Now beholds more love than I know,

A rock,

Shined and cracked,

Needs the hope that she never lacks,

A pearl,

From an oysters mouth,

There to comfort because things went south,

A cut,

To mark what I do on this day,

For a friend,

For a sister,

Please don’t take her away.

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My days have turned into night

My nights into days

I have been infected by your craze

I’m walking around in a daze

You’ve got me dreaming things I cannot see

Seeing things I cannot dream

Wondering what on earth it can all mean

I put my heart on ice and you light the fire

Consumed by your warmth and desire

First the icy drops formed a puddle

Now the puddle has become a river

It flows inevitably towards the drain

What of me will remain?

If the process continues over and over again

This cycle leaves me so unwell

A place far worse than ordinary hell

And each time the heart gets harder

The ice gets colder and I grow farther

From believing in anything I feel

Doubting love is actually real

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Sonnet 5

So sudden is this change of tides

that i cannot be in your arms for more

too great a sorrow coming from all sides

shutting the sight of beauty from your shore.

As the sun witnesses our depart

no longer shall I be of joy again

without you death will forever rule my heart

turning me into the direst of men.

As I gathered every gold in the sky

my soul remained to be empty within

for without you, willing am I to die

resorting to it is the noblest sin.

When time and destiny on us betray

should we be able to mend back our way?

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Just Say Yes


Do you remember the time we first met? The time our lips first touched? Do you remember our first hug? And our first shared joke? Do you remember our first sleep? And the first time we ran? Do you remember our first day at a park? And the time in the rain? Do you remember our first “I love you” and do you remember our first date? Do you remember our first vacation? Do you remember our first flight together and how about on the boat? Do you remember all of our good memories?

Do you also remember our first fight? Or the first time we parted? Do you remember when our hearts first ached and how we weren't talking? Do you remember the first tine I walked away and your view changed forever? Do you remember the first time you cried and my heart broke forever? Do you remember our first sad day? The first time we yelled? Do you remember all our bad memories?

Will you remember all that we said to each other? Will you remember all that we mean to each other? Will you remember when I said you were perfect and how you said I was cute? Will you forever be happy just to be with me? Will you still stand strong when I am weak? Will you let me be your strength when you are in need? Will you give up all you have, body and soul, Just to see me smile?

Did you believe me when I said you could do no wrong? Do you believe me even when I say you are? Do you feel my pain when you are upset? Will you forgive me when I take away your strength?

Will you rejoice when I lift you from depression? Will you smile just because I tried? Will you take interest and everything I do? Will you support me, even when I'm wrong? Will you never speak ill of me even when it deserved? Will you praise me to all even when it's undeserved?  Will you be my equal even when I falter?

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The Bear

People want you to be something your not,

like fruit in a vegetable pot.

In a crowd your the man in rags,

the retard, the fool, the bum with all

the bags.

Unable to move inside,

the little voice in there

told me its ok,

I cried.

From there on all to do

is walk, making friends and conversations,

learning how to talk.

Left like a ghost, roaming

the earth can be so lonely,

travel into the deep dark woods,

the bear is your friend.

He could take you on walks,

and converse long talks.

peeling bark of the tree,

he shows how simple life is,

the nescessities.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am the bear. I accept everyone.

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shades of gray

the starkest shades of

black and white

when seen through youthful eyes ...

turn gently gray - their lines erased

when seen with love’s

great gift of time.

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