Fear & Religion: All the same

Believe in one or believe in many,
None of it truly matters.
Your pray to ears that do not exist,
Devote yourself to the definition of nothing.
Your gods are nothing more than a fairytale,
Yet you protect them as if they were your children.
Fight for them, Kill for them, Die for them.
When its all over what have you proved?
You prove the weakness in man,
That your fears consume your hearts.
Your minds are ravaged with what they do not understand.

Religion, nothing more than a weapon,
Used to control, used to bring chaotic order.
You hate others who practice their own,
Only yours can be the one true form.
Such mentality is foolish beyond reason,
Fear is all it really amounts to.

The lessons that could be learned,
Are lost in the depths of the pages.
To blind to see what they are trying to teach,
Only focusing on what lies beyond life.
Instead of creating a hostile world,
Just because they are different from you,
Should you not see the truth?
We are all different, but one in the same.
Live, and then die, this is our fate.
Push each other away, this must stop.
Accept thy brother for who he is,
Do not shun, for who he prays to.

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Angry are you?

 We soothe the cries of children even when we we're children ourselves. Be gentle and fear disappears.  Be angry and you fan many flames.

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Not so much Angry, I just

Not so much Angry, I just have strong views agaisnt religion

The only problem with the story carved on your chest, is its hard to read when your missing your ribs..