Who Deserves The Blame?

Our lives are our own, nobody elses.

Though so often do we refuse to take the blame.

Decisions we all make, good or bad.

When the outcome is good its nothing but smiles,

Yet when the opposite is true, others we accuse.

For so many its hard, hard to accept whats true.

When our lives leave us unhappy, it was our own doing.

Nobody else got us to where we are, nobody else made our choices.

Its so easy to blame, so hard to admit.

None of us openly admit our flaws,

Only point them out in others.

We accept we are not perfect, but only by mouth.

In our thoughts we have it all figured out,

In our minds its everyone else who failed.

This can continue no more, so let me be the first.

I look for someone to blame, but Im looking in the mirror.

I see who has caused all that I dislike, I see who is to blame.

No more of this can I take, its time for it all to end.

This person in the mirror has caused it all,

And yet this person can change things if they try.

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