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Attempts at Poetry



I'm nothing but a humble pawn.

Soldier to a castle not of stones.

Knight to the warring realms of old,
Where swords and arrows have no use.


In a woodland with 64 squares,
Where minds battle to mortal ends,
There lays my heart within its fields,
Her passion faded not by years.


Summon my King your scattered wits!
My flaming love for you burns true.
I'll fight and die, to save your throne,
I'll march to my end to give you hope.


I ask the Bishops to please pray,
For the valiant men holding our towers.
My brave Queen, dare break some might,
Then lure the King from the North keep. 

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CaptainShambles's picture

the game of kings. aptly

the game of kings. aptly named.
You have captured the spirit. what a nice poem :)

I'm sorry i wasn't who you thought i was. F**k it, i'm sorry i wasn't who i thought i was.
...I bought the heartbreak hotel on my own with no investors, closed it down and opened the F**k you, get over it bed and breakfast

Vixen's picture

Hi, thank you for the lines

Hi, thank you for the lines Captain :) I appreciate it :)



“ Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."
                                                   ~ Rumi

palewingedpoetess's picture

Brilliant!..............simply brilliant

and even I ( a rather rusty chess player) got your every nuanced meaning. The 64 squares bit was true genius. My skills leave A LOT to be desired on a chess board but perhaps sometime On line we can play a game. I really enjoyed your passion and flair for the game. Your great love for it ( or is it more so an obsession?) shines through every line. Thanks for suggesting I read this. You did not disappoint... Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen..............

Vixen's picture

Thanks Melissa

Hey, I am glad you too are playing chess. It's more of a hobby, a passion I found when I was a child. Because of the net, playing real opponents without necessarily sitting in front of an opponent ( at your own pace too ) is now possible. In everything I do, I put a little of myself... Maybe that's why I appeared obsessive, haha! Why not log in at, register there, (you can put your avatar here too), and challenge me for a game? My username is Nerves. I am sure you will enjoy there as much as you enjoy here...
Thank you for reading my friend...


“ Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."
                                                   ~ Rumi