*Before and After*

November-13-1996/ March-2-2004 
Trisha M. Barrek  Hopkins


I felt like i never belong 
I was always called the pain 
I did everything wrong 
I was only trying to beat the game 
I've tried too hard for so long 

But no matter what i do 
I can never impress 
I could never satisfy you 
Whatever i tried turned into a mess 
So sorry my eyes cant be the color blue 
I'm sorry you don't like the way i dress 


I always took what i could take 
I always kept everything held inside 
I always tried to be fake 
I never showed my feelings that i decided to hide 
I never had the topping on the cake 


No one wanted to see it through my eyes 
I always was an out cast 
But people finally see when my heart dies 
But that wouldn't even last 
But this is before 
I need to move on from the past 
I need more 
So i change my mind real fast 




I do belong 
I have no more pain 
I do everything right no more wrong 
I've won the game 
Now I'm dancing to my favorite song 


Everything that i do 
Relieves me of my stress 
My heart is brand new 
The pain from before i have less 
Deep down in my heart i know 
That you i don't have to impress 


I decided i'm going to keep what i take 
I think its time not to hide 
I know i'm not a fake 
I'm my own person my own pride 
I can have all my cake 
I will stand by my side 


I see more clear through my eyes 
From now on i'm leaving the past 
I don't hear my cries 
From now on i'm gonna have a blast 


The people that are mean i'll ignore 
I'm a different person now 
I am happier then before 
I no longer wear a frown 
Being my own self i know how 
I'm the one who wears the crown



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MilMan's picture

Before and After

Very good poem I like it a lot I've been there and it took a while before I finally came to see, the best person to be is Me.

A beautiful poem. Thank You.

Whispers_From_The_Mind's picture

glad i can help

your welcome and thanks for the comment. hope you enjoy reading my other poems too