Written in a Geneva:

Switzerland Churchyard  


Ugonna Wachuku


A dirge and epilogue is sung for me
on your fleeing island of uninterested
unavailability. The owl hoots no more
on moonlit nights of home.  


Biblical Zacchaeus and Matthew: Oh!
Little me: "pass me not O gentle
Saviour..." Green pastures abound.
My peace unbound. Your island is
so real. The bridge stands no more
on humane pathway to landscapes. Kai!
Your island is so real, daughter of
the Almighty Creator.


Pathway to landscapes: The eagle I am
must soar this new day to welcoming
mountain-tops to view, one last time,
your pathway to landscapes.


At the stroke of midnight, this blessed
new day, I will depart your island of
unavailability; and sail for the high
seas. My smiling ship is created. The
wind from others beckons. Pines of home
whistle. The rainbow awaits. My simple
ship is set to sail; and I must bid you
farewell in God's care. I invite thee
no more on earthly footpaths. Oh!
Epitaph! This Epitaph! Would that
I wrote thee not; or perhaps
forgotten my lines on this
strange stage through life.


Heaven's gardens: Remember, when we
finally meet there, I am  the bald
Eagle that tarried for years on your
unfeeling island of unavailability :-
made whole with heavenly bounties in
His soul saving bossom.


AH! Epitaph! This farewell! This glad
dirge sung for me! This epilogue! Oh!
Little me. The owl hoots no more on
moonlit nights of home because this
glad dirge is sung. This emerald
epitaph all for you to set me freeee!
Heaven's gardens and meadow sea
shores. I set sail at midnight


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Adrian E. Gaspar's picture

This is beautiful. I love it.

Mary Charest's picture

The Eagle still soars!

michelle's picture

No grudge instead Peace
Better leave your perplexity in the churchyard than keep it with you.
I least, you realised that you still have energy to soar because you have visions of better lands.
God can redeem the time of those who believe. Unsuccess teaches us that there are many ways to achieve things.
We leak our wounds and off we go knowing that we have done our best.

michelle's picture

Sorry, I did not catch this one. I think "island of uninterested unavailability" contributed somehow to it.

vjochum's picture

The insensitivity of uninterested unavailability. This is it! This is the definition of 98% of our culture. This is what destroys our connection with man, and yet strengths; through that sorrow, our divine communal right to seek God. That's it.

Misty Lackey's picture

Very good!

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Beautiful and spiritual, Ugonna~

Hope unchained~ a sense of anguish, but always hope from you, my friend~

Ernest Bevans's picture

Thank you for the invitation
"One day the dead will rise
and write great words the full
length of the skies....
because they too cannot be silent"
Keep Writing Bother - Keep the Faith.

starlite_angel's picture

This is an amazing poem. It kept me reading until the end, and even when I reached it, I had to read it again, and then once more. There is something in your writings that fills a part of me that is missing! Thank you so much my poet friend you are a true inspiration to me and I'm sure to many others. Thank you once more. Peace and much love to you always.

serene's picture

Brother Ugonna, my spirit soar upon reading this poem. And to see a line from our song, Pass Me Not O, Gentle Savior. You always write with passion that I admire and the heavenly messages that you sew - I am joyfully bound in the thread of your written words. Peace and goodwill to our brothers and sisters in our church there. I can almost imagine you writing this poem in the churchyard. :o)

hccgirl04's picture

Hey, as wished I am commenting on your poem EPITAPH! :-) I like it. It's almost like I can see what happening in the poem because you describe things so wonderfully and beautifully. Keep it up! :-)
~*~ Jill ~*~

Douglas Lazard's picture

Ugonna, yet another beautiful piece of writing! You can make the words flow so elegantly on the page...
No matter the subject, the pictures that you create in the mind are always imprinted with beauty!

Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~

Lorraine Reutter's picture

Ugonna!...great piece of work here ...I get so many different feelings reading this....the freeness of the eagle....there is a loneliness about this poem too ...and a sadness for something lost or ruined...and disappointment in humanity? Thankyou once again for sharing this beautiful poem with us all ....Lorraine :)

myrataal's picture

Dear Ugonna

Thank you for inviting me back here ...

I sense a profound sadness in this piece of spiritual poetry ...

A soul saying farewell to the chains created by insensitivity and "uninterested unavailability" ...
"The bridge stands no more on humane pathway to landscapes": at last the Eagle is departing for the boundless Skies of Eternity ...

This poem is Prophecy ...

May Jesus Christ be with you, Ugonna ... His Footsteps your Heavenly Pathway ...

Kindest Regards,

Myra Lochner

Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

HEY,unchained hope ! what a powerful and HOPEFUL statement
very interesting,now i gotta find out what dirge means
take care

Melvin Lee II's picture

An emotionally charged piece, Ugonna.
It grips my attention right from the beginning...and to think that u conceived this poetic gem in a churchyard, makes it all the more moving.

thanxs for informing me of this work..it is indeed a keeper , as always ~

gentle's picture

And would we not write such lines of wisdom if we could...

Deeply moving. Reaches to the very essense of the soul.

What will they say after I am gone...Let it be filled with the wisdom of God.

Beautiful piece.

Thank you for telling me about this one.


Gentle is the night♥

Betty Hattersley's picture

What a brilliant work of art. You are not only a very clever gentleman but with such feelings and warmth you share with us all...thank you for letting me read your beautiful poetic words.

pudnsis1's picture

Superb! I really enjoyed reading this and wondered wouldn't it be nice to be an Eagle for just enough time to soar over the earth and be able to see it through God's eyes. The beauty and depth entwined with your love of all things and God shows as though there is a golden hue attached. Thank you, Love, peace and freedom, Godspeed, Linda

Angela Albee's picture

Wonderful write. I especially love the last line: I set sail at midnight under heaven's loving eyes and hope unchained!!! Well done...

Ann-Marie Williamson's picture

Once again a brilliant piece of poetry, showing compassion, humanity and understanding.
Thank you for giving me the chance to view your work.

Lesa Gay's picture

What can I say? As always such a picture to the heart!

I am sorry that I have not been here sooner but just getting the computer up and running after a move.

Thanks for inviting me to read this. As everything you write it leaves me realizing that I have much to learn.

Peace to you