What I Dream Now


What I dream about now,
is different than before.
Different from before
I met you.

Now I dream,
mostly about you,
and how you make me feel.
You make my heart jump
up into my throat.

In my dreams,
I am not able
to see your face,
but I see your hair,
short, blond, and smooth.

I can see your
beautiful, hazel eyes.
I can see that we're
the same height,
and can look
each other in the eyes.

What I deam now,
is of you and me.
We come face to face.
I get a smile on my face,
as you cock your head
to the left side,
and flash me a sexy smile.

We take each other's hand,
and walk through meadows
with the night sky above us,
full of beautiful stars
shinning like fireflies,
along with a full moon.

We walk some more,
and are on a roof,
that oversees the
whole world,
and we lean into
one another.

We stay there forever,
just the two of us.
And as we stay there longer
the closer we sit.
Until, eventually,
I am somehow on your lap.

You move me till I'm facing you.
My legs stradling you,
my face and chest,
only inches away from yours.

We slowly come together,
ending up tangled,
and spread out against the roof.
Although I'd think that roofs
would cause someone
to be in pain,
if they were rolling on it,
we seem to be quite comfortable.

What I dream now,
is just of you and me.
Together as one,
tangled together.
Who knows where
one of us starts,
and the other ends.

But in my dream,
we don't care,
this is how we like it.

And when I wake up,
opening my eyes.
I look around,
and am disapointed that
I'm once again
in my bed,
and not on the roof.
Together with you.

What I dream now,
is something I
look forward to

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem to my boo!

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rocky's picture

nice drop

nice drop

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=) thanks! I'm glad that you

=) thanks! I'm glad that you like it!


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awesome piece

a truly good poem
i know i loved reading it .

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Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Thank you! Glad you liked it!