I Am Not A Realist


I wrap myself around these sound waves

so the memories don’t fall,

drown in starlight that will speak to me when you’re gone.


I am not a realist so I will cover my walls in sirens,

undo buttons I will never press,

romance when all the confusion collides.


I am not an artist so I will feel the change in altitude

without climbing high,

pull your misleading silver down over me.


I am not a soul to save but I will tell you how much I want it,

the absence of white noise,

this is such a good place to give up and fall.


I am not a realist but I will hold this together,

a heart born with the burning,

I am so delusional

I will drown in you and call it the best oxygen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/17/17

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You put the most interesting concepts together - one never knows where a phrase or line will bee line. The destination is always a surprise of art and emotion, skill and entertainment - keep it up. Get published - it's past time. - slc