How could you ever know

if I never let this love out?

You’re too busy trying to

cut yourself into slivers

give everyone a piece

till there’s nothing left to build your own bones.


My mind is a canyon.

I spend too much time at the bottom,

your name comes up there a lot.

I know I need to be more for you,

quieter, louder,

more precise,

more someone to save

and someone to be saved,

more willing to give you my flaws in silver wrapping.

I want to be more

but these pieces might just be a start.


I feel how full this room pretends to be without you

when you leave even for a minute

I feel how empty I can taste my regrets

and tears that haven’t fallen shouldn’t fall.


I wish everyone I loved remembered the same moments I do,

knew which things they said once are still stuck on a loop in my head.

That would tell them so much more about me than my halfhearted attempts to articulate it.


I wish I knew what you remembered,

what do you want me to say like a broken record?


You mean more to me than my favorite mismatched socks.


You shouldn’t need to chase down the one you call a friend- there are so many humans with you if you just turn around.


I know what you mean.


It’s a late Tuesday night, come on an adventure with me.


Don’t be afraid of the monsters in your mouth

or the lies living under your tongue.


We should do this more often,

but not too much

or it will lose its magic.




Everything might not be okay, but something will.


My lonely, my introvert does not mind when you’re around.


This is not enough time to spend with you.


Wear those earrings more often.


You’re beautiful.


I don’t know what I want from you

but I like to think that I do.


I do know one thing:

I want to be more.


I wish I could spell all my memories out for you,

which of your words I wrap in gold,

but that would use up

all this ink I’m saving for when I eventually tell you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/20/17

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If you put your shoes on the

If you put your shoes on the floor you can see how the have a curve like your feet and thats how you tell that it will fit.