By JFarrell


As I discard the empty wine bottle

And open my 2nd of the day

It is not without a little regret

That I begin to drink


I know this rubbish I drink

Is killing my stomach

Is rotting my teeth

Is (probably) making my depression worse

Is, generally, not good for me




As I finish the 2nd bottle

And go to bed

I will not dream

I will not wake up at 3am

Too scared, too traumatized

To go back to sleep


The oblivion offered by drink

(and drugs, if you’re into that kinda thing)

May be an imperfect remedy

But, it is an imperfect environment we live in

And it works (at a cost)



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is not an endorsement or encouragement of alcoholism, just because i'm stupid is no reason for you to be :)

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Purpose At The Bottom Of A Bottle

Habit or addiction

evasion as a tactic

dive beneath the gloom

revel in the void

touch nothing but the glass

dream of more alcohol

rise and realize your best

way to rejeuvenate

the will to drink and think

this is a liver killer

a destroyer of the pancreas

clogging the brain

with little molecules

of death.