Not Just Another Country Life

Well I knew God since I was three
Side-line sitter was fine with me
But that’s not where He wanted me to be
So He gave me just another country life

Well, I forgot God
Went my own way
Didn’t think how much I’d pay
The route I traveled was plain to see
It was based on only me
Lost my family
Lost my friends
But that’s not where the story ends
Even my dog, and my girl
They were all gone in a whirl
And the only person left was me
And I’m not very good company
And it’s real hard to be filled with the Spirit
When I’m full of me
I can’t even hear it
So I left God for pain and strife
Just another country life…..

Just another country life
Lose the dog, lose the wife
Lose all you got just for yourself
Live your own little Hell
Never go back, never prayin’
Never admit the Good Lord’s savin’
Spend all I have just on me
Cry some, never being free

Then I changed route…

And I headed back
No more “Me”
Want to be back in God’s company
Want to be filled by the Spirit so sweet
Tellin’ good news gives you beautiful feet
God gave me back my dog and girl
My friends and family around me twirl
No longer gonna live for me
Cause how boring would that be?
I’m fully God’s and His to use
In any way that He’d choose
So full of life and now I’m free
To live more than just another country life

Not just another country life
I found God, love my wife
Give all you got and give yourself
Never gonna go to Hell
Never go back, Always prayin’
Never forget the Good Lord’s savin’
God’s given me eternity
Cry some, now I’m always free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another attempt at a Country song.... Enjoy!

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