Volume One






Feel my heart

it's only beating because of you,

feel my love

it's only out to get you

feel my pain I want you to

reach out for me and you will see

the love in-which, I feel for thee,

so kind and gentle you are, your

loving touch your loving voice

because you are my only choice


love me now even though I don't know why

but I love you so I can't die

I want to be your hero, your knight in shinning armor

through all the pain that was fed

you were the one that said


"I will always love you"


like I said; so kind you were, so loving

you showed and all the pain was real

and I wanted to feel, I wanted to heal you

because I love you.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated from Psycho- Confessions)

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Elfy's picture

I loved this poem, its really

I loved this poem, its really good. Full of emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Very sweet, and loving. :)<3


twiztid_girl_'s picture

I love it. It's really sweet. Good job. =)

Alana M's picture

Wow... I dont' know what to say. This is soo deep and I love it!!!. Keep up the good work and go visit my page! Thanks for the excellent work!

poetvg's picture

good work
on this poem .