Over The Hill I'd Roll

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Please do not take these seriously. I write one every year. They are just fat fluctuating parody's of myself which are eighty-two point three percent true.

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1 '11 OverW8 Dave pt.8 390 2013/01/20 9 years ago
2 '10 My Weight Discussion With Dave 319 2011/01/27 10 years ago
3 '10 OverW8 Dave pt.7 305 2011/01/27 10 years ago
4 '09 OverW8 Dave pt.6 254 2010/10/11 11 years ago
5 '08 OverW8 Dave pt.5 1 199 2013/01/20 12 years ago
6 '07 OverW8 Dave pt.4 201 2010/10/11 13 years ago
7 '06 OverW8 Dave pt.3 1 163 2010/10/11 14 years ago
8 '05 OverW8 Dave pt.2 2 184 2010/10/11 15 years ago
9 '04 OverW8 Dave pt.1 171 2010/10/11 16 years ago
ozzypoemgirl's picture

hey great poem i can relate to this poem ALOT!

ALOT of people don't understand me either
because i'm in wheelchair. and i'm a loner
a very praviate person! i don't like many people
or talk much! that's why i started writing poetry
a few years ago to help epress my feelings!
JUST HANG IN THERE you're welcome to e-mail me anytime.
phillippians 4:13

chris's picture

I think this is a great poem! I liked the power of it, the emotion of it.
I could relate to it, I really could. It's hard, you think your parents are speaking another language, things happen you dont want to share with them.

Some friends are good, but not for talking with,
and there is nobody left to talk to.

So, great job