'10 My Weight Discussion With Dave

My Weight Discussion With Dave

Why do you write these poems about yourself?

"My 'OverW8 Poems' are not meant to be offensive
I don't mind being stout, but it can be quite pensive
I make fun of myself to get a good laugh or a smile
It takes time and dedication to lose, so I write in style
Critiques honestly are greatly appreciated, nevertheless,
I agree, I should do something about my chubbiness"

Are you in observance of Your eating habits at this time?

"Kind of... but, not really since I did have a milkshake before I got here
This year, I did minimize proportions, but couldn't resist nights with beer
I really think if I ate alot healthier, I would have to quit the portly writing
Nothing wrong with that, of course, there is always the sensible writing
I think I'll keep the 'OverW8' title even if did shed the unwanted burden
but they'd really be great additions to my failed and succeeded attempts"

What if overweight people read your "OverW8" Poems?

"Well, are they happy with themselves if they get offended?
I'm not, but I tried to diet even if there was minimal success
Dieting is also fun and it helps you gain a different life style
Of course, with great discipline, you will succeed in your trial
It takes patience and will to notice the results that you want
So if you want to flaunt, skip that ham and cheese croissant"

No offense, but, when do You plan on losing weight yourself?

"See now that...is an interesting question.
Oh wow, my, look at the time my friend,
I believe it to be the end of my session.
Gotta go, gonna miss my reserved seat.
Today is their special for all-you-can-eat!"

Well, there you have it! Contradiction at its best.
Until the next discussion with Dave...

© David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This Piece is a supplement to the "OverW8 Dave" Poems.

'Eat, Smile, and Laugh. Enjoy Life as it Comes to You.' Dave J.

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