'11 OverW8 Dave pt.8




OverW8 Dave pt. 8





Oh No! Here I am, failing the year once again.


What mixed signals is my mind trying to send?


I really was not expecting to write a heavy part eight.




I guess I'll just have to whine of all the pastas I ate...

 What a wavering mass I must carry...holding me back




All the overeating leaves me sluggish and out of whack

On the contrary, my fattiness is lying to me...again




Blaming pasta's, for they really are a healthy trend

I'd sneak in THE Burger only to slurp it down with some beer




indulging my moment with a smile hoping nobody can hear

My eyes wander as I scarf it down only to pause and chuckle




As the holidays fade, I save the family from the lonely truffles




What a Swamper I've become with veins of slime


Withering my life away...one metric ton at a time




My days seem to come and go as I breathe my way...to the kitchen


Plenty of support visits me throughout, though chosing not to listen

Days and nights fly just as fast as the food in my hands




Wheezing...wondering just how far the fat skin expands

Quietly, I smile away at the severity of my situation...disrespectfully




Daydreaming of the day, that the 'silent' joke will kill me...indefinitely




©David Joel Rodriguez












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