'10 OverW8 Dave pt.7

OverW8 Dave pt. 7

Somehow I have now managed to refuse the fudge
Different year to have decided to fight the pudge

My only reliable transportation sold really quick
I'm sure the buyer had a better use of the forklift

With pleasure I have given up the wide load billboard
Disposing of that annoying back up reverse sensor

Slowly but surely, I started to become less greedy
So I began to share my area code with a growing city

The syrup in my veins ultimately looks like blood now
Reaching out for the vegetables instead of a fat cow

Energy I never had accrued through a healthy harvest
Helping me to overcome a minacious cardiac arrest

Hallucinations of everyone and everything looking like food
Disappeared forever since I'm no more in a compulsive mood

© David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The end is near Fatso" ~Refer to the poem, '10 My Weight Discussion With Dave~

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