'09 OverW8 Dave pt.6

Oh my lord, what have I done wrong

Living unfaithful diets sustaining a ton

"Thinking of adipose rhymes for savy poems...

thinking...of excess buttery pork loins"

Another fat year being in a fat mood

exploring the world for different foods

Ballooning up just about every single day

devouring daily with fat monolithic steaks

With such fat stress seemingly going around

whining again and again writing about pounds

arteries clogged; fluctuating HB Pressure on the move

It probably could skyrocket any moment to the moon

So I hear myself again for two-thousand nine

Wheezing and living another year, feeling like swine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Did I cause a Fat facial expression?

~Refer to the poem,  '10 My Weight Discussion With Dave~

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