'08 OverW8 Dave pt.5

OverW8 Dave pt.5

Again, you might tell me I look great, I guess...
With a rolled up pizza easing my stomach distress
I stumble every morning from bed, feeling food drunk
Everyone knows me by the oily battered triple chin
Everyone knows where there's yelling crowds I have been
Holding up lines at coffee shops waiting for my jelly donut

If you need me, just follow the large concrete cracks
Yes, they're all mine, giving you an idea of my weight
Don't worry about me, it's the year two thousand eight
But you'll find me, swallowing eight triple burger stacks
Try to chew, but I've become lazy, who needs plates anyway
The day slowly dies down but still, grocery stores await

Though sometimes my eyes seem like they are swirling
I'm amazed by the size of my thighs gulping chicken wings
Step across the room, my legs immediately start burning
Must walk, to seep forms of oil to slide into my couch easily
I might feel it is healthy for me, then again, who's looking
Fluttering heart in a slew of food, porcine isn't going to sing

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~Refer to the poem,  '10 My Weight Discussion With Dave~

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Try the baconator.

Melissa Marina Flores