I went

I woke up today, and I put on my clothes and brushed my teeth 

I went to school, and they were waiting there for me 

I went to the bathroom, to get away from their killing knives and daggers of deception 

I went to my next class, and they tortured me while the teacher just laughed 

I went to lunch today, and they made me feel unwanted and I was feeling quite brash 

I went to the corner, and ate as if it were an art to eat uncomfortably alone 

I went, well, I went away and continued through this rutted blur that I'm trapped in 

It's the end of the day, and I finally force a smile because I get to go home 

I went home, and dad left, again, mom said he's not coming back 

I went to my room, I cried and closed my eyes, hopefully for good 

I went to sleep, my stomach was empty and my dread was full, I hope that I don't wake up 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Middle School

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From The Inside


I used to be a bit of an intruder in middle school and elementary school. If I saw someone being avoided because of the way they looked or dressed, or they were shy and self-isolated, I made a point to say hello and give them words of cheer. I was a happy kid and tragedy was and old friend, so I ignored the machinations and shennanigans of adults and siblings. You can be alone and not be quiet, you can be isolated and still explore the world. It happens eventually anyway by necessity. I wish the person in this poem wholeness and touching. ~(:D)-




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Thank you

I'm ok now, this was just how it was in middle school, things are better as they should be, I appreciate your comment too, thank you

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I am currently 17 and I know the dificulties of bulling and such, but trust me when I say this; it will stop. I was bullied for being over weight and i still am overweight, so if your feeling depressed it is an exelent idea to write a poem about it. About the poem now, despite the unexpected monolouge at the start I'd say that the poem is well construced and it's verse is quite splendid. The poem dose a great job to transmit the feeling of dread to the reader and can be easily relatable with. I hope to see more works from you.


J. Rodriguez


J. Rodriguez

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Thank you

I appreciate the positive feedback, most of my work is in prose and were all made in the last year and a half of me writing, it means a lot to me that people are able to understand my writings and are able to help me develop my writing.