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I am an aspiring author who writes poetry as a pastime. I write mostly about current and prior social topics that most of the community would rather leave untouched such as the homeless and ecology of the planet. I take pride in my writing and hope to receive feed back on my works. Thank you.
(also "Link Ironclad" is not my real name)

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I was born on May 18, 2000 in Miami, Florida. During my early years of my childhood I suffered from a light case of autism; Though with the constant therapy sessions I managed to overcome the hypersensitivity caused by my autism and was able to join society as a normal person. I greatly thank my parents for supporting me during my time of need, both providing me with the basic necessities but also for providing genuine love towards me when I needed it the most. Eventually I moved to Broward County during my 4th year of elementary(I repeated the 4th grade back in Florida). During my time in Broward I graduated from both elementary school and middle school, and Completed my first year of high school. In truth I was actually bullied throughout middle school and the start of my first year in high school for my obesity, yet over time they either stopped or I no longer cared about it. Starting my second year of high school, my parents, sister, and I decided to move to Colorado because my sister was accepted by a college there; this eventually led to the most painful year of my life, fully of as much joy as of pain. Moving into Colorado my family and I Instantly became homeless. We moved from Florida selling everything and coming to Colorado willingly without knowledge of the place. We lived for three months in the streets, from motel to motel looking for shelter above our heads and to every church for at least a dollar or two to survive the next day. It was not until December of that year that I finally managed to move into an apartment, now a days I live in a house w/four rooms and am extremely grateful for the blessings god has given me.

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Some of my favorite hobbies are watching anime, playing video games, engaging in constructive debates and conversations, learning the engineering of war devices and machines, and playing music--such as the guitar. I personally do not have a favorite food by I prefer sweet or meaty foods.


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